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"AOL High Speed" brochure in Sunday paper

Started by Ralph Kramden, Monday Jun 12, 2006, 01:20:52 AM

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Ralph Kramden

Did anyone see the brochure in Sunday's Mil. Journal about "AOL High Speed powered by Cable"? It says it costs $25.90 per month, will be billed by Time Warner Cable, in areas serviced by Road Runner. I currently have RoadRunner's broadband internet service for $45 per month. Is this the same thing? That's $19 per month less.


It's the same thing as Road Runner Lite which is 768k down/256k up.  AOL is offered to Road Runner customers for free anyways.. but it's definately something you don't want on your computer.

Ralph Kramden

What don't I want on my computer? Is Road Runner Lite slower or what?

Mark Strube

Because AOL's software screws up Windows... a lot. If you're okay with finding your way around the web now, don't waste your time... it's basically a web portal, but you pay for it. If you want Road Runner lite to get a lower bill, just get that... don't get AOL.

Ralph Kramden


Quote from: Ralph KramdenThank you guys.

  "High Speed, Low Price"

"Get up to double your speed and pay only $17.99* per month for 12 months (when ordered online) for AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet Pro! *(Other monthly charges apply. Not available to customers in CT. Residential only; see terms and conditions.) "

I had been paying $27.99. I asked them why I got this. They responded saying this was a way of retaining there customer. I asked what the price would be after the one year comittment. She said to just call back in a year, and they would re-up at the same price. In addition, I have been very happy with their service, have had it for 3 years now.

You can look on the web for their phone number.

I think it is worth looking into.