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60" mitsubishi wd-60c9 3d tv - $600

Started by HirshNoC, Friday Sep 14, 2012, 09:46:47 PM

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I'm selling my 2-year old 60" Mitsubishi TV, which I almost never use. I'm a former video editior and filmmaker, and I bought it for 1499, I'm selling it for about half because it's missing the original remote control and the manual. For the remote control, you can use your cable provider's remote and program it to this TV. If you really want I can print out the manual from the internet.

In order to watch 3D television channels and Blu-Rays, you'd need the Mitsubishi 3da-1 adapter kit with a 3D sync box and IR emitter, along with glasses. This is fairly expensive online, and it's not something I have as I don't feel as though the 3D scene has really taken off in a huge way.

The TV has three HDMI ports as well as legacy RGB ports, a coaxial jack and of course the 3D IR emitter slot.

It's a standalone DLP and runs with a replaceable lamp, which is totally intact.