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DirecTV's HD DVR

Started by hormy_83, Thursday Mar 17, 2011, 09:07:06 PM

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I'm considering switching to DirecTV, from TWC once again.  I had a couple of questions about their HD DVR that the person on the phone wasn't able to answer for me.  First does anyone know what is the model number of the HD DVR they will be giving out to new customers?

And then is both the HDMI and component outputs able to be used at the same time?  And more specifically will the component output work if the HDMI is connected to a TV that is off?

The TWC 8300HD shut off the component output if the HDMI was connected to a TV that was off.  This is an issue for me with my slingbox, because if I want to sling the output of the box to my phone or laptop, I don't want to have to have my TV physically on for it to work.  So my work around for TWC is to have the TV hooked up via component as well, since the slingbox has a pass through for component.

Hope that makes sense.



They usually give you what they have in the truck or at the distribution center.  There's really no way of telling what you'll get.  I've heard that if you order whole home DVR (at least two boxes) then you're more likely to get the newer H24/HR24 boxes.  You can also order specific models from a third party like SolidSignal, but that will cost more than going directly with DIRECTV even though the boxes are still on a lease.

All outputs on the box are on all the time regardless of what's plugged in.  Right now I have my main TV on HDMI and the bedroom TV on component on my HR22.  Component works even with the main TV (HDMI) off.  I've had a slingbox connected as well and that worked fine.


Great - thanks for the info!