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Moxi and TWC tuning adapter

Started by jziggity, Wednesday Oct 20, 2010, 07:50:53 PM

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     I am looking for as much feedback as possible regarding the current Moxi DVR system.  I was considering purchasing the $800 2-room bundle directly from their site.  Moxi appears to have everything that I am looking for - ability to simultaneously record/play back HD content, multiple (3) tuners, schedule recordings online, stream content to another room (Moxi Mate), NO SERVICE FEES, etc.  I was all set to pull the trigger on it, but for $800 I really wanted to make sure it was going to work well with my TWC service first.

     An email inquiry to TWC stated that they do have the M-cards needed for the Moxi.  Thanks to SDV, Moxi would require a tuning adapter.  TWC stated their tuning adapters only support 2 tuners, so it looks like if I elect to go with the Moxi, I'm SOL on the 3rd tuner.  I really wanted to like this system, but it seems like the tuning adapter, besides taking one of the tuners of the Moxi out of service, just adds another failure point to the whole system.  :bang:

     I have not seen very many reviews/comments about the Moxi in the forums here, so I'm guessing it's not very popular.  Why is that?  I'm not overly opposed to the Tivo Premiere - it's just the constant service fees that go with that irritate me.  That, and if I want a 2 room setup, I would need a 2nd Tivo unit with its own subscription.  After 1 year, a 2 room Tivo setup would already surpass the cost of a 2 room Moxi bundle.  Yikes!  Plus, the Tivo wouldn't alleviate the tuning adapter issues either.  

     If readers have other suggestions that may satisfy my apparently lofty demands for a user-friendly, functional multi-tuner HD DVR system for use with TWC, I'm all ears.  It is 2010, right?  Thanks in advance for your help!


Quote from: jziggity;56469I'm not overly opposed to the Tivo Premiere - it's just the constant service fees that go with that irritate me.

I can't answer your Moxi questions, but TiVo has a product lifetime service plan, which is a single $399 purchase and is good for the life of that particular TiVo.

All Moxi is doing is just rolling that "lifetime service" into the cost of their device. It ends up being mostly a wash between the two in terms of cost.


I am very happy with my Moxi and Mate over MoCA.  Great picture quality and the added Moxi features are great.   Cannot speak to TIVO, but I am sure TIVO or Moxi will make you much more happy.