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WITI Pixelation

Started by Tom Snyder, Wednesday Jan 30, 2008, 10:03:35 PM

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Tom Snyder

The last two nights, I'm seeing a real irritating issue with American Idol  (No, not Simon).

Noticing every so often (tried to see if there was any predictable frequency, there wasn't) that the picture seemed to have a momentary pixel freeze. It seems to mostly happen right after scene cuts, and looks like a split second bit rate choke. No disruption in the sound, just the picture. Occasionally it happens in the middle of a scene, too... but less frequently. But it ONLY happens during the audition scenes when people are in front of those blue and red photo backgrounds... picture is fine on outdoor shots, and scenes out in the lobby.

Watching via DirecTV. Next week, I'll try to watch it live so I can switch back and forth between D* and OTA.
Tom Snyder
Administrator and Webmaster for milwaukeehdtv.org


It's not just you, Tom.  I've noticed it, too.  Also via D*


Same here, I switched to Fox5 New York (ch 88 D*) and it dispappeared.