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Tivo Connecting to Service S03 Error Not Playing Nice with Spectrum?

Started by Tivoman44, Sunday Aug 27, 2017, 09:18:36 PM

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I lately have had nothing but issues with Tivo lately.  Loadstar please tell me you still check this message board. 

My set up: Tivo Series 3 HD, Set up to receive OTA and Spectrum Cable (1 Multistream CC and Tuning Adapter)

Since about 2011 I had been using the Western Digital 1 TB external hard drive (certified by Tivo).

In early 2016 start having issues, that crapped out, I "divorced" the external from the main.  Everything worked fine.  November 2016 I tried to reconnect, seemed to work, then crapped out, then got the green screen of death.  Long story short, found a guy (IT professional who has repaired many Tivos before).  He said the HD crapped out, replaced with a 2 TB internal. 

Got it back June 2017.  It has worked almost perfect.......except last week I got the error that the guide is running out of problem just connect.....connecting didn't work S03 error.  Did some homework on the internet, almost positive it's not the hard drive as the Tivo is working fine otherwise.  Tried restarting (both the Tivo along w/ Router & Modem).  Internet itself has worked fine.  Tried reguided set up (that helped once).  Still couldn't connected. 

Tried unplugging the TA and connecting, then once service "disconnected and loading" I disconnected  theethernet......seemed to take a long time and I plugged back in TA and ethernet, probably shouldn't, and got the S03.

So finally I did the Clear and Delete Everything.  Did that before I went to bed.  This morning I wake up to guided set up.  I did that, had to call Spectrum, the National CC hotline helped me very much and repaired the CC to the Tivo.  And what do you know it connected to the service.  I also connected again this afternoon and connected successfully. 

My only concern is that it still has the message "still getting more program information currently available programs through Tue 8-29).

What's also weird is my option to set season passes has all but seemed to disappear (see example in picture below).  I have to go to Find Programs to do that. 

Tivo is done with the Series 3, but you'd hope they'd release some patches.  In my research of S03 error, I thought I heard how the TA might have to do with that.  Is it the merging of TWC and Charter now Spectrum that's doing this??

I'm just afraid I'll have issues again with connecting to service