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Time Warner now padding connections by 20% instead of 10%

Started by PONIES, Friday Jul 24, 2015, 12:34:31 pm

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FYI, if you reboot your modem, you should be showing faster speeds.

They used to pad connections by 10%, so their 50 / 5 Mbps tier was actually 55 / 5.5 Mbps.

Now they seem to be padding them by 20%; I am routinely getting 60 / 6 Mbps on speed tests now.



Thanks.  I rebooted mid-July and just checked my SamKnows stats, noticed the increase.  Wondered what was up.

On 22 July there was a noticeable bump up:  Instead of the download graph lines mostly being in the 15-16 range, they are now running 16-17.5.

On my 15 Mbps service, things were pretty consistent from mid-2013 through September 2014.  Then I started seeing worse performance and lower averages although I'd still get frequent readings around 16 Mbps.  I reconfigured my network somewhat after that, and performance rebounded to 15.5 to 16 Mbps, but I wasn't tracking modem stats at all, so no idea if a reboot somewhere might have changed that.


Thanks .. can confirm.   I saw this thread and ran some tests on my 30/5 line, and got 33/5.

Rebooted .. and we went up to 36/6.  Not bad.