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Where The TWC Advanced Keyboard Search Needs Improvement

Started by Jack 1000, Tuesday Jul 21, 2015, 02:31:58 am

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Jack 1000

How to improve the New Search Keyboard For Modern Boxes

1.) Live Sports-Especially boxing shows that are live on HBO, Showtime, Standard Cable Networks, and Broadcast Networks are often  missing from the keyboard.  The only boxing returned from the keyboard search is On Demand and PPV content.

2.) Tests should also be run to make sure than any live programing or event found in the Time Grid is in the keyboard system. The keyboard data is incomplete.

3.) Create within the system a Live Sports category, so we know when a sport is Live. The Passport Software ten years ago had a Live Sports category within Sports.

4.) Restore the B button to show all forthcoming instances of the title of a show being watched or viewed in the Time Grid like the old boxes still have!  As of now, customers and employees have to "re-key" their searches every time.

Yesterday I was able to press the B search button and see all the forthcoming LIVE Boxing shows on the different networks.  A second folder had been added to the Boxing Sports/Event catalog!  I was thinking "Yes!  Finally!"

Today, that second folder was gone! (Along with all the added sports data for boxing contained in that folder.)  Why would that happen? Back to only one Boxing foder showing only boxing VOD content.

Wisconsin still does not have the auto find all instances of a show title when B is pressed.

The keyboard search needs to improve to show:

1.) Reliable data- Live sports data is STILL hit and miss, mostly miss with the keyboard.  There is Time Grid data for many shows that the advanced search does not pick up at all.  (The live boxing  on HBO, Showtime, and live cable and broadcast networks will be in a search results folder one day and gone the next.

2.) Live or New Show Indicators- When a show is Live, especially a sporting event, this needs to be indicated in the search results at all times.  If it's in the Time Grid, the Keyboard should be able to find it.

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