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Milwaukee Auto Show tickets

Started by Ralph Kramden, Wednesday Feb 18, 2015, 05:59:09 pm

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Ralph Kramden

Does anyone know if there are any free tickets available, and if so, where?



I Have two tickets. Both are buy one get one. Only for Mon,Tues or Wed. Feb 21-Mar 1, 2015

Ralph Kramden

Thanks. Where did you get the BOGO ? We would need to go on a Fri Sat or Sun.


A Friend. He's in the car industry. Most free bee's are there slow days. I think it's like 12.00 per person. free parking out side. Still a pretty cheap day. Picked out my new car there last year. Nice way to do it. Sit in each vehicle you like. No sales man. Find a Dealer nearest you the go for a test ride. Good luck if your looking.


As an aside .. I always go on the last day, Sunday afternoon.

The crowds are WAY down at that point and you can zip through everything you want pretty quickly.