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Trouble with TWC Cicsco 8640HDC and 720p

Started by rschildt, Sunday Dec 28, 2014, 02:57:20 pm

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I've always had my Cisco cable box set to display all the available HD formats (480 i/p, 720p & 1080i) and never had a problem.  Starting last night, it appears that any channel using 720p is "flickering".  I thought at first it might just be the HDTV signal, but it picture is fine on HDHomerun Prime that has a cablecard.

If I go into the Cisco menu, and disable the 720p on the Output Resolution screen of the High Definition menu, everything is fine.  Possibly the box is going bad?  Or something else?

Jack 1000

Quote from: LoadStar;60109Bad HDMI cable?

I agree,

With everything off, try a new HDMI cable.  Unplug box with everything off.  Connect new HDMI cable with everything off.  If issue comes back, set up a service call to check signal and line levels, as well as cable strength.

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