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Started by MrProster, Friday May 02, 2014, 05:11:37 am

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Not sure if anyone can help on this but a couple weeks ago  my Smartantenna from ChannelMaster arrived and upon 1st scan , it found WeatherNation Milwaukee 68.1 . Since it was an indoor/outdoor antenna , I temporarily put it outside and did a rescan hoping to find more channels . Not only didn't it find more channels , it also didn't find WeatherNation. Brought antenna back inside and every single scan since then , it hasn't found WeatherNation. We are getting the Winegard HD8800 installed on our garage roof this coming Monday and installer will be using current cabling from the Dish network (which we are dropping) Even though it is a UHF antenna , I've read several reviews on it where people were still able to get low vhf channels with it. WN is vhf channel 5 I believe. I hope this is the case. I just find it very odd that I can't get WN 68.1  with Smartantenna. I tried scanning thru our CM DVR+ as well as hooked straight to the tv. :bang::bang:


RF Ch5, low power, directional to NW, transmitting from super tower near Estabrook parkway.  You'll need an antenna with low VHF abilities for this station and those small UHF only compact antennas won't cut it.
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My smartantenna is a uhf/vhf one. Guess the conditions were just right that morning to draw it in...signal only showed 25% when I was getting it. Still hoping the Winegard HD8800 will snatch signal. :deadair: Also , I think it's odd that WeatherNation 68.1 isn't on this site's list. They need to update it. Also hoping to draw in TBN out of Mayville. Will have installer tweak it perhaps straight north and still not lose and Milwaukee stations.