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FINALLY! This Old Timer Finally Got The Courage...

Started by John L, Tuesday Jul 02, 2013, 02:28:53 pm

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John L

to actually buy a new TV, first time in17 years.  Its not that the old analog TV is broke, I finally decide I am gonna replace it and its gonna end up being re-cycled while I enjoy my new 47" HDTV LED 1080p from HHGregg who will deliver it Friday and take away the old analog 19".

I've been on this board for a longtime and I feel I am the ONLY person left without any upgrading. I am sure EVERYONE else here has had a HDTV long before the local stations turned off their analog transmitters.

-John L.


Congratulations on your frugality and your ability to delay gratification.  Now then ... You have been assimilated.  Before you undergo the hypnosis of the big screen, set a calendar reminder for Christmas or so to check back in with a review.


Congrats! - Just don't expect to get 17 years out of a LCD/LED tv - it's probably a 50/50 shot it'll last more than 5 years.  Hope you bought a warranty.  My Dad's  Toshiba TV conked out just a few months shy of his Best Buy 4 YR warranty running out.