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DirecTv AM-21 problems

Started by bklass, Saturday Aug 24, 2013, 03:08:53 pm

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I just hooked up an AM-21 Over the air receiver to my new HR21 receiver.
I can't get it to pull in any terrestrial channels.
DirecTv says my roof mounted Channel Master 3016 Advantage antenna is the problem.

It worked fine with my HR20 receivers.

If so, I guess I can get a newer antenns, but I'm wondering if that's really the case or did they just use that as an excuse to get me off the phone.

Any opinions.......do I really need a digital antenna?

I live in the Town of Delafield.


did you run the OTA antenna set up on the hr-21.

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About 30 times.
4 different tech's.
I think the tech that upgraded my HR20 to an HR21 must have disconnected the 2nd cable that carried my local channels in the basement, so nothing is being sent to the antenna in on the AM21.
They are sending out a tech on Tuesday afternoon.

I talked to Larry Neuens from Kemmer TV (who installed my roof antenna) and he assured me that my present antenna isn't the problem.