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News Apps

Started by murdoc, Friday Dec 07, 2012, 07:10:50 am

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I've been looking and haven't been able to find anything.  I'm looking for an app (Apple Store) from one of our local affiliates that will push school closing to my iPhone.  I thought I saw TMJ4 advertise closings on their app, but I can't find anything as far as push notifications.


Just so I understand this, you want an app that 1) tracks school closings and 2) will notify you only when a single school, or multiple schools in the same district, are closed.  Is that right?  Or do you need to know about multiple schools in different districts?  

Have you checked with your district(s) to find out all the ways they provide notifications?  

My district uses Twitter, as well as a service called AlertNow. I don't use Twitter push service, but I do get an AlertNow e-mail for closures, early dismissals, events and so on.  I just checked and it averages about one message a week.


You are right, just a single district, single or multiple schools. Haven't checked with twitter and never heard of AlertNow, but I'll check those out.