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HD NET & HD Net Moives FTA

Started by Malamute, Thursday Jul 31, 2003, 08:27:49 pm

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uplinkguy:  the rule of thumb is they should be encrypted, but I do pick up stuff that is not encrypted.  Also if they forgot to turn on the encryptor unit then its fair game.  I will say that it is hit and miss when it comes to picking up the signal but that is why my little black book of tips, tricks and clues I found from web sites.

Todd & Starving for HDTV

Asking some many questions NOT a problem, the more I can help I'll try to answer them the best I can.  With all this talk I'm thingking about putting up the C-Band dish system that I bought on ebay, receiver/dish mover/mesh dish/feedhorn cause there are some free channels on C-Band and 4DTV feeds, I found them and will list them below.

CB = C-Band    /   DC2 = Digichiper 2   /   M2 = MPEG-2

AMC 5  79.0W                                    AMC 9  85.oW
kued pbs salt lake city  M2                   NASA TV  CB
KULC  ind  salt lake city  M2                  WorldNet  M2
New York Network  M2                       Galaxy 11  91.oW
                                                           The WB  east + west M2
AMC 3  87.o W                                    FSN South M2
Michigan Goverment TV M2                 FSN West 2  M2
TVU   M2                                             FSN  Southwest  M2
The University Network  CB                Sunshine Network  M2
PBS X  west  DC2                               FX  east + west M2
PBS Kids       DC2                               TV Games Network M2
PBS You        DC2                               Fuel         M2
PBS  X East  DC2                                Shop at Home CB + M2
PBS east  M2                                      EWTN  M2
PBS You   M2                                       NBA TV   DC2
PBS  X      M2                                       Bloomberg TV DC2
PBS Kids  M2                                        KXLA TV   DC2
PBS HDTV  M2                                      KJLA TV    DC2
Bloomberg TV  M2                               KTVD TV UPN Denver DC2
                                                           Varsity TV
Telstar  6  93.o W                                KRMA TV PBS Denver DC2
TCT World  M2                                  Ovation the Arts Network DC2
PBS  X  CB                                         MBC Network DC2
                                                          KVMD TV  M2
Galaxy 3C  95.o W                             KLUZ  TV  M2
WorldNet   M2                                    KHIZ  TV   M2
Huntsville MUX  M2                             OLN  M2
abc/cbs/nbc/fox/wb                            FSN Pittsburgh  M2
                                                           FSN South  M2
TelStar 5  97.o W                               FSN Southwest M2
NETV  DC2                                          FSN Arizona  M2
NETV 2  DC2                                       FSN Detroit  M2
UATV   M2                                           FSN Midwest  M2
TCT World  M2                                    FSN Rocky Mountain  M2
NETV PBS HDTV DC2                           FSN West  M2
BYU - TV   M2                                      RFD-TV  M2

Galaxy 4R 99.oW                               AMC  4  101.oW
Reformation Channel  M2                   WPCB TV  M2
KCHE  TV  M2                                      WACX  TV  M2
Worldharvest TV  CB                           Daystar TV  M2
Shepherds Chapel Net  CB                 NBC  E/C/M/P  M2
Columbus/Tupelo MS mux M2             Golden Eagle Brd  CB
abc/cbs/nbc/fox/pbs                           University of California TV M2
                                                           Familyland Network  M2
AMC  1   103.oW                                 Safe TV  M2
PBS  X  DC2                                        3ABN  M2
Pax TV  E/M/P  M2                               LLBN  TV  M2
Total Living network M2                   Anik F1   107.3 W
MTV 2  CB                                          Atlantic Satellite Network M2
                                                         The Green Channel  M2
Galaxy 10R  123.oW                         CTV Red  M2
The Outdoor Channel East CB+M2   CTV Green  M2
                            West  M2              CTV Blue   M2
KFDF Tv UPN Fort Smith M2               Newsworld International M2
KPBI Tv Fox Fayetteville M2               the Weather network  M2
KTWO NBC Casper   M2
KKTU  NBC Cheyenne  M2                 Galaxy 5  125.oW
Research Channel  M2                        TBN  CB
KQUP UPN spokane  M2                      CNBC  M2
KTVC  PAX Panama City M2          
WPXS Pax Mount Veron M2              Galaxy 9  127.o W
KYPX Pax Camden  M2                        HD Net  M2
KWBF  WB  Little Rock M2                   HD Net Movies  M2
KWBM WB Springfield  M2        
WBVT  UPN  Burlington M2               TelStar 7  129.o W
KWBS Pax Eureka Springs M2            TVW  M2
WBMM PAx Montgomery M2               Sportsman Channel  M2
WMQF  Fox Marquette M2                  IFC  M2
KMMF Fox Missoula MT  M2                Tennis Channel  DC2
                                                         The Vision Channel DC2
Satcom C3  131.oW                           America's Collectibles Net CB
Northwest Cable News DC2
Court TV WEST  DC2                        Galaxy 1R  133.oW
Music Choice/Audio DC2                     Classic Arts Showcase CB
America's Store  CB                            EWTN CB
FSN Northwest  M2                             ShopNBC CB
FSN Northwest Alternate M2               I-Life TV  M2
GAC Great American Counrty DC2      Inspiration Network CB

Satcom C4  135.oW                          AMC 7  137.oW
The California Channel M2                 Anchorage mux  M2
QVC  CB                                              abc/cbs/nbc/fox/upn/pbs
Tech TV  CB                                       AMC  8  139.oW
TV Games Network DC2                     KTOO  PBS Juneau AK  M2
C-SPAN 2  CB                                     Gavel to Gavel  M2
                                                           NASA TV  M2
                                                          ARCS  M2

Also there is on Galaxy 10R 123.oW is Showtime HDTV WEST DC2

So I hope this list will help you out.

I do get the sat tv guide called Orbit, you can find it on the shelf at a store I goto is Greenfield News & Hobby at 68th and Layton and it will be on the end cap by the tabloyds and in the back of it they do list some on the wild feeds.  Its for C-Band/Dish Network satellite tv for the month by month and some other good info in it.

Let me know when you get it up and what you find?


sorry, the way I typed the sat list in didn't come out as I planned.  But you can see all the channels and what satellites that there on.

Todd Wiedemann

Wow, thanks Malamute.

The list is awesome.

I'm a news junkie and wild feed wannabe. Those out-of-market locals really interest me. I'm getting close to pulling the trigger.

Is your LNB strictly Ku band or a hybrid C/Ku ??

How tough was the first alignment ?

Have you done business with MPEG2FTA ??

Thanks much.



My LNBF is only for Ku Band.

For set up I used from skyvision.com was the SITE COORDINATES FOR YOUR SPECIFIC LOCATION   #02-6500003  $12.95 plus $2 for S&H  and they can fax it to you if you want, I did.

Sorry I've never found or heard of the web site you listed, but will check it out.. I got all my stuff off ebay.com

I know that the recievers (MPEG2) will not decode the DC2 signal

Todd Wiedemann

Hi again ...

Would you mind taking a look at this site ??

Are those all of the channels you can receive, or just the pink or green ??

Also, check out RoxSat ... this is their systems page.



I goto lyngsat.com all the time, if you looked at the free TV section you need to know which satellite's are in our area.
When you goto lyngsat, on the main page on the left side you will see is Frequencies and under that is Asia, Europe, Atlantic, America, click on America and if will bring a list of sat's up starting with EchoStar 3 61.5 W to EchoStar 5 at 157.0W and all the satellites in between we get.  To see what on each sat click on the name and it will bring up the transp.  with C-Band , Ku-Band ,  Ka-Band .

If you goto the Packages you will see all the satellites with Digital Programing on it, if you have direct or dish you can click on their name and see what channels are on which transponders.

The color code (the blue colors) dark are the newist lighter are older one's.

That web site is very nice and their price's are pertty cheap!!!!
All the model's are the best ones out there, like I said mine is a Coship 5300CI  and I like it.  Buy what you like the most, but they don't come with the dish mover unit, you can get one from some place.

Now you see why I have this system, is fun to explore cause you never know what you'll find!!!!



Friday Oct 10, 2003, 06:58:34 pm #21 Last Edit: Friday Oct 10, 2003, 07:02:18 pm by tazman
Hi  Malamute  I too am new to the HD seen.  I am also very interested in what you are doing with the ku-band FTA receivers.  What puzzles me and the question I have is the connection between the FTA receiver and your STB HD decoder tuner box.  Are you outputting the signal from the loop through connector on the FTA receiver to the STB or are you using the RF channel 3 /4 of the FTA and outputting that  to the STB?  Also how is a ATSC STB able to decode DVB broadcasts from the FTA receiver?  I thought they were apples and oranges.  If you could help me on this I want to go with this type of setup also.  I am currently running a 2.66 ghz P4 PC as a home ET PC with a Haupauge WINTV-HD card connected to my Sony KF60XBR800 LCD rear projection set.



Tazman,  I use the RF out not the loop out on the sat receiver.  The connection to the STB is with a Dixplexer one from the sat and one from the antenna to the antenna input on the SIR T165 unit.  I've set the T165 to output a native signal so what it brings in anolog or digital signal it will output the right way.  Some freinds on mine have Direct TV HD and I did compare them (the Signal and Picture look for HD Net) and they look the same to me.

How to hook up to a computer? That I can't answer, sorry.  You may want to try the way I have mine setuped.  I wish I could help you on that but can't.

But that's why this FTA system is so much fun to play with and what you can find up-there!