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Caller ID and FF

Started by flash, Wednesday May 09, 2012, 04:40:33 pm

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I have the TWC Cisco Explorer 8640HDC cable box and here is our new problems:

Problem #1
When someone calls, the caller ID shows up on our screen but you cannot change channels or do ANYTHING to the box!  I really do not want to turn off the feature but I do want to use my cable box when someone calls.
Is there a fix (possibly in the sub menues) that I can change to regain control.

Problem #2
Since some TWC recent box update....... when we are FF 3x or 4x the remote is unresponsive to resume play (say after ff'ing during a commercial).
This problem does not appear to be present when FF'in 1x or 2x but only in the 3x and 4x speeds.  When we finally press the play button repeadely...... the box ends up going to slow motion mode but waaaayyyy past the commercial we were attempting to pass.
Ideas and fixes would be greatly appreciated.


Problem #1:  Does pushing the EXIT button on the remote do anything? I hit that when I get a call to dismiss the caller ID info. I'm still irked the latest update disabled the call logging when the box is off. It used to log all incoming calls, what a great fix.

Problem #2: I have a Cisco 8640HDC and am experiencing the same thing. It didn't start until the last update.
Cisco 8640HDC


Regarding Problem #1, yes I pressed exit and every button on the remote and they do nothing.  Someone else is know is having the same issue (different model box SA model) and I experienced this addition to the problem:
FF'ing and the phone rings......
Caller ID shows up..........
Remote ceases to function.........
End phone call.................
ID remains on the screen............
Box continues to FF and will not stop........

Only resolution that stops this....... press the only buttion that works on the remote...... THE POWER button!!!

Yes, to get things working again, I have to power down the box.



Wow, I wish I had a suggestion. I've been lucky enough not to have a call when I'm FF'ing. I wonder if my box would do the same thing.
Cisco 8640HDC


Has anyone else been experiencing this isssue?