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U-Verse Last Night

Started by TheSpecialist, Friday Sep 02, 2011, 06:56:24 am

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Did anyone have any issues with U-Verse during last night's Packers game?  My HD picture was great while watching the Brewers lose, then when it was time for Packers football everything got pixelated, choppy, and ultimately no picture or internet.  I eventually got through to a service rep who said someone will come out the next time I'm home.  This morning everything was working fine again.  Rebooting the box and router didn't help at all last night - tried it many times.  I've had U-verse for only 9 days and this is the first problem.

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I watched part of it on TWC 1004. I didn't notice any picture problems but the audio was all jacked up.

It was like they had the center channel flipped with the rear surrounds. You mostly heard crowd & stadium PA noise with the announcers just in the background. And, for an extra treat, the crowd noise mics that were dominating the broadcast stayed hot even during commercials.

The other 2 games I was flipping between on ESPN & MLBN were just fine.