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TWC Whole House DVR

Started by flash, Friday Dec 03, 2010, 05:22:05 pm

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I will have to look at  my bill, believe that the cost is the same as having a regular DVR.

I had some misunderstanding about how it works.  I replaced our main DVR and had a standard box added in the basement.  The basement one can only play recorded shows on the main box, just like on demand stuff.  You can't pause live tv.  Today, I am having that box replaced with a DVR.  

They tell me that when you press list, you get to choose which DVR's list of shows you want to see.  You have all functionality except you can't delete or make a recording go on another DVR.

So far, the Cisco box does not seem quite as responsive as the SA box.  Not that I hate it, but things like horizontal scrolling are slower.

Also, getting any whole house equipment requires a tech visit.  They do not have them available at retail location.


As long as my 2 8300HD boxes are still functioning, why would I go whole-house DVR and get the newest, slow crappy boxes?  
I have a third DVR, a 8300HDC and it is the slowest piece of garbage I have ever had, so no way, TWC.
I get 320GB of space with 2 boxes and 480GB with three and that means I can record SIX HD shows at once (if needed). The part about working the DVR in the DVR location only, not on a "client" (slave) box is not what I would want, either, seems they missed what I would consider as an important aspect of having such a system installed, at least for me.:D


I swapped the client box for a second DVR and they can see each other's recordings.

The boxes are slow.

Jack 1000

Quote from: Rick_EE;57474I swapped the client box for a second DVR and they can see each other's recordings.

The boxes are slow.

A software update is coming within the next 1-2 months that will hopefully speed up the boxes along with some other features and a new program guide from TWC for i-Pad's.  I will post this info in the Navigator update thread.

Cisco 9865 DVR with Navigator Guide


Thanks for the reponses/follow-up.  Sounds like I'm gonna wait this one out for a bit.


I am with DirecTV for a long time.
However, yesterday TWC salesman stoped at my door to offer unpublished promotions. I decided talk to him (Breaking Bad is coming and DTV still is not offerring AMCHD). So what he offered was kind of interesting: 1 whole house DVR, 2 other receivers, all dvr fees and receivers fees included, $95 for almost everything (HBO, Cinemax, Stars, Showtime, etc). Price is fixed for 2 years on package without premiums ($62.50). Premiums for 1 year. So I decided to try it, there is no contract, he asked for my DTV bill (like $140 or so). Install next Saturday. There was nothing to loose for me, I can put DTV on hold for a while.
He said I can add phone fo like $19.95.
I am not sure how exp[ansive the regular price for that package is, but I will have my dish mounted:-)


Sunday Jul 10, 2011, 06:20:06 pm #21 Last Edit: Monday Jul 11, 2011, 01:25:39 am by gparris
No AMCHD and BBCAHD on Directv is still a dealbreaker for me with them, though I still haven't moved yet, so TWC may be what I may still keep, though by then, the whole house DVR thing or "Signature Home" might be what I try out with them.