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Channel 4 audio drop-outs

Started by Dan the Man, Thursday Jan 27, 2011, 10:59:02 pm

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Dan the Man

I have been noticing numerous short (1 second) audio drop outs on channel 4 via DTV. Seems to mostly happen during the news at 10.

Is this a real problem or isolated to only my equipment?


I hear the same problem OTA during their noon comedy hour. Like you I just thought it was me. I guess not.


Me too. I dvr ed Chase and watched it last night and heard the audio drop-outs too. I was going to check my receiver today.


I also have the same problem with Channel 4 through Directv. They tell me that it is a problem with the local station and they are working with them to fix it. I find it very annoying to try and listen to a program that keeps losing its sound. The other night I tried to watch "Chuck". The sound dropouts were so bad that I had to give up and switch to another station and watch something else. If you turn "Dolby Digital" sound off in your sound preferences the sound problem goes away. But then you get no Dolby Digital surround sound through your home theater system. What good is that?


I have noticed it too. Seems like it just started happenning the last few weeks. I have Directv. Anybody have a contact at WTMJ?