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WVTV 18 signal since antenna change

Started by AA9VI, Friday Feb 04, 2011, 09:03:34 am

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I thought I read that there was a change to a more elliptical polarized pattern on WVTV a while back... I haven't been able to get it reliably since then.  I think around the same time they dropped the TX power.  So maybe it's one or the other.  Just curious what others have observed, especially those a little farther from town.


Technical details can be found here.......

Power actually went up after switching from our 240kw backup transmitter. The main transmitter and new antenna is now 745kw horizontal & 499kw vertical (elliptical antenna). The original proposed 1000kw needed to be lowered due to tower constraints. The larger (and heavier) antenna required for 1000kw would have presented a problem with our current space on the tower. It is what it is.


Jimboy thanks for the details.  I guess I forgot WCGV was 38m higher too.  I also didn't realize how many tenants were on that tower (page 16).  WOW.