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55" Mits 55859-- Free

Started by Greg Oman, Wednesday Jan 27, 2010, 12:37:09 pm

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Greg Oman

Here's the deal, this is a 2002 model, rear projector with integrated ATSC tuner.  Before it failed to turn on, it was a nice set (had a calibration by Craig M).  Some quick research on the web lead me to conclude that doing a service call just wasn't cost effective any more.

The opportunity:
I have the factory service manuals with all schematics.  The symptoms are that when plugged in, the green power light blinks indefinately.  Normally, it stops blinking after a minute from being plugged in.  I tried troubleshooting based on what I found on the web-- it's either the front panel power assembly, or the DM module (ie. tuners and brains of the set....).  I don't think it's the front panel buttons.

Yes, it's old.  Yep, it's big (24" deep and about 250lbs).  If you would like it, you'd need to come pick it up-- I live in Muskego.

Send me a PM if interested.