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OTA Fox 6 weaker signal lately?

Started by bigbwb, Wednesday Apr 16, 2008, 08:23:08 am

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I've been using OTA for about a year now with a homemade antenna in my apartment attic.  I live in Sussex and have a LG 42" plasma.

WITI channel 6 is typically the "weak sister" of all the primary channels out of Milwaukee.  I usually see about 75-85% signal strength across the board, except for channel 6, which often flutters between 55-70%.  Weather often seems to be a factor.



Just seeing if anyone has determined as to why Fox 6 signals been so weak the last month or so?  My signal is still very weak compared to what I have gotten in the past.  At one point last weeek or so, the signal was back up to full strength and today again probably around 60%?

I use to be able to record the OTA broadcasts on Fox from my PC and now all I get is "NO SIGNAL".

Anyone have any background info as to why this is happening?

Thanks again,


I'm in Germantown and my Fox 6 signal is over 90%, same as always.


well then I am at a true loss here.  I have not done anything with my system, antenna, or antenna amp.  I cannot imagine its the antenna or amp because all other locals OTA come in just fine as they always did.

Fox 6 is the only station that recently doe snot come in well at all.

Anyone have any thoughts as to a solution or what the issue might be?

Thanks in advance,



I blame channel 6's bloated newcasts for dragging down the signal.  :D


I hear ya^^^^^^

Good thing I normally watch ch 12 for news coverage:)

The wife watches Idol, Bones, & House with me so Fox 6 is crucial each week.

Good news though,

When I got home I checked the signal meter again & guess what, the signal has gone up into the 80% region:rock:

I didn't change a thing..........oh well.