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BestBuy Offering HD DVD Customers $50 and Trade-in

Started by Bebop, Wednesday Mar 19, 2008, 12:46:58 pm

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My first HD DVD player purchase consisted of two at the same time with my BBuy Rewards card, 12% off both and some rewards coupons/certificates.
Two weeks ago, I received a gift card worth $100 and for my more recent HD-A3 from Christmas ($75 with a gift card), I got another $50 gift card last weekend.
Total for all three HD DVD players: $150.
What did I buy with them?
3 Blu-ray discs, a HD DVD combo disc the spouse wanted (plays in DVD players, too), all for $100 plus tax.
The HD DVD combo disc was $20 marked down and I got the one BD price matched to $19 to CCity...quite a deal for me.
My next $50 will go toward additional BDs as they become available as I see my movies at home (theatre) and not out anymore...as in those I missed at the "theaters".:D


I'm just glad (and surprised) that they are including best buy employees in this gift card deal, otherwise I wouldn't have received one. I plan on picking up some BD's with it most likely, or holding it until Metal Gear Solid arrives June 12th for my PS3...