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What are the real names of the CBS58 reporters/anchors??

Started by Joseph S, Thursday Apr 18, 2002, 08:13:00 pm

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Joseph S

I'm not buying that  CBS58 just happens to only hire people with the same initial letter for their first and last name.

Rock Rote
Paul Piaskoski
Renee Riddle
Chandra Cooper
Beth Bennett

Who do they think they're fooling, breaking into programming and telling us those are real names??   It just makes me crack up everytime they come in with an update during a commercial break. A good deal of the others choose to be one or two letters off between names.

Gregg Lengling

And I don't believe my parents gave me a name with 5 "g"'s in it.......
go figure.

Gregg R. Lengling
RCA P61310 61" 16x9
Gregg R. Lengling, W9DHI
Living the life with a 65" Aquos
glengling at milwaukeehdtv dot org  {fart}