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Some Paradigm Speakers for Sale

Started by Matt Heebner, Tuesday Apr 16, 2002, 04:20:00 pm

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Matt Heebner

Hey all,
Kinda kickin around the idea of selling my Paradigm Titans with the Premier 30" stands. The upgrade bug has got me again..but I am in no rush to sell. I am testing the waters locally to save with the headache of shipping. Anyone maybe interested?
I am asking $275 for everything. They are the Paradigm Titans, ash black finish and in excellent shape, version 2's. They are only about a year or so old, and never abused. Also, they are "magnashielded" so the can be placed right next to a TV. The stands are Paradigm recommended Premier series...30" tall. They can be filled with sand or whatever to weight them down. I have them filled with aquarium gravel which is dustless. (If interested, I will leave the gravel in them along with two lengths of 14 ga. wire.) They do have adjustable carpet spikes.
If anyone is looking for a great pair of speakers, let me know:
Pictures can be viewed at (my sad, sad attempt of a website that hasn't been updated in a long,long time): www.geocities.com/heebz6020

Just click on the "My Home Theater" link.