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HD web surfing.

Started by Kevin Arnold, Tuesday Apr 16, 2002, 02:56:00 pm

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Kevin Arnold

I thought there might be some interest in trading the various locations on the web that we surf to, checking for info on HDTV. I'll get it started with my "short" list. I'm sure many of these are in your lists but you may find a gem or two.
I check here for the current status of DTV stations and format changes on radio and TV.
4dtv satellite forum which gives up to date changes in C band satellite and has some good links under the home theater and HD listings.
Grandaddy of them all

Cahners TV insight. News stories about DTV and unrelated.
I check their HD section for any updates (they are slow to update) and check forums for any new posts. Quiet forum lately.
CBS's page for HDTV schedule and announcements.
Channel 3 out of Madison (CH 50) for Madison CBS HD announcements.
Twin Cities Public Tv Message Board filled with lots of HD posts.
Fox 6's website with the eternal vigil waiting for any mention of HDTV. Waiting, waiting.......
Alternative to the Milwaukee Journal for local news and views.
HDTV magazine forums. Poor organization so a lot of plowing thru posts here.
HDTV schedule, nicely layed out and accurate.
Another schedule, busier and more complicated.
Milwaukee's own Journal Sentinel. Not much HD here but good salacious stuff about local pols.
Regional broadcast news around Wisconsin.
CBS's internal site with HD schedule and inside info.
Channel 12's site where I wait for them to realize that HDTV has been invented.
TV news - sort of quirky.

That's a good start. I have more at home and will post them later.

Kevin Arnold
38" RCA widescreen w/a Winegard on a rotor.

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Kevin Arnold