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Double Bow Tie Results

Started by StarvingForHDTV, Tuesday Oct 08, 2002, 10:58:00 am

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This is in analog mode currently, so slightly off topic.

Well I hooked up my double bow tie last night after the Packer game.  I know you people said this thing was good, but I was still surprised at the results.  I did it without the wire cutting modification first.  I pulled in 13 stations!  I thought that was pretty good for a UHF only antenna.  I pulled in: 4,6,10,12,18,24,30,36,41,52,55,58,63  This was with the antenna on top of my TV.  Channels 10,12,18,24,36,58,63 looked good, the others were not too strong.

I then did the modification and also attached some cheap rabbit ears (I modified these too) to the double bow tie.  After that adjustment (antenna still on top of TV) I pulled in 49 as well for a total of 14 channels over the air analog.  The only ones with poor signal quality are:  30,41,49,52,55

Does this sound like I will be OK for getting digital OTA signals with this configuration?  Would putting this contraption in the attic enhance the 5 lower quality signal channels?

On another note I noticed a couple of things which are interesting.  On ALL of the channels, the sound quality is significantly better than Time Warner Cable's sound quality (analog cable).  Also, on many of the channels, the picture quality is better than TWC's.  I always thought the audio and video quality with TWC analog were compressed or something.  Now I have my evidence.

I just thought I would share.  I tried to take a picture of the Double Bow Tie with Rabbit Ears attached contraption I developed.  I hope it turns out.  I have to say that it's definitely not the prettiest indoor antenna I have ever seen, but I think it may be one of the best available.

Thanks everyone for pointing me towards the double bow tie.



HD reception is a complex topic.  Variables include the the particular STB you buy, whether there are any reflective buildings or trees, and probably more.  What is hardly noticeable "interference" in analog, can range from pixelation to "stuttering" to a complete picture or sound dropout in HD.

On the plus side, when the STB can lock on to the signal, the picture and sound are perfect -- there's really no in-between.

I believe others up your way have had good success with the Milwaukee channels, and have had no success with Madison or Chicago.  NBC and PBS should come in nearly perfectly, CBS should be OK most of the time, FOX will probably not be received, and ABC is due any day now.