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High Def Disc Players Review

Started by gparris, Sunday Feb 18, 2007, 10:27:42 am

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Quote from: gparris;37797HD-DVD players:

Toshiba HD-XA2]
More costly than the list price of HD-A2
Offers 1080p output
HDMI 1.3 support
Backlit remote
Better DVD upconverting ability than the HD-A2
Analogue 5.1 outputs for AVRs without HDMI inputs

The XA2 does offer Bitstream audio via its latest firmware update.


Today I added and changed the high-def disc player listings, bringing the BD players list to the top, adding and deleting as I felt was necessary.
If anyone wants me to add a BD player I missed to the list of the BD players or offer any constructive additions to the current listings, please reply...thank you!:wave:


Best Buy offering $50 gift cards for anyone that purchased a HD-DVD player from them.  Only certain models apply, see link.



To add to that Best Buy info, I can also confirm if you bought a player via the Best Buy For Business website, you will get the $50 rebate.  I called BBFB to ask that question yesterday and they assured me that they were covering both sites.

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I read that BB will give you credit for ALL HD DVD equipment and movies. They would not disclose how much they will credit but something is better than nothing. From what I read, they aren't even asking people to return the players!

.......now if Wally World would do the same thing...... at least I was able to get a great up converting player for $95.


Saturday Sep 06, 2008, 09:55:41 am #35 Last Edit: Saturday Sep 06, 2008, 10:22:37 am by gparris
UPDATE: The Sony BDP-S300 offers Dolby TRUEHD internal decoding, finally, as promised with a software update.

A bit late, but for those who have the player already and didn't buy the 350 model, you are set, at least for Dolby TRUEHD.

BTW, I was a a Wal-Mart recently and saw the price of $249 for this model, similar to the SONY Outlet in Pleasant Prairie, too, along with BD's priced at $19.94.:D


-I just did an update of the Blu-ray players as newer models are coming in the next month of so, but only for the newly-added models that are $399 and below.
The trend in the newer models is internal DTS-HD MA decoding vs. just bitsteam output to newer AVRs, WiFi connectivity, Profile 2.0, better DVD upscaling, slimmer profiles and faster load times.
As for the DTS-HD MA internal decoding in the newest BD players, this is long overdue,  as many of the newer BD releases are in DTS-HD MA than ever before.


Another update of the current "crop" of Blu-ray players as found in many stores done today.
While there are some not included (Sharp, Insignia), I tried to list the best or better models within a comparable price range.


I did another update on the newer BD players out there on store shelves that are in the $250-or less price range.
While there are cheaper ones out there, many may not offer what is now considered more mainstream, like internal decoding of Dolby TRUEHD and DTS HD Master Audio and BD profile 2.0.
The "new rage" is 3D capabilty, but you can pay a lot more for this feature.
Other trends are:
- 7.1 analogue outputs are available on fewer BD models.
-Wi-Fi capable or built in Wi-Fi for internet access and features like Pandora and Netflix are becoming standard.
-1 GB internal memory standard, important when you are playing more recent Blu-ray Discs and the disc takes what seems to be forever to load (or never does), without it.


Wednesday Jul 04, 2012, 10:51:14 am #39 Last Edit: Wednesday Jul 04, 2012, 10:53:40 am by gparris
Sorry that I have not updated this area for some time, but my system consistantly denied me access to this site for months until I figured it out.:bang:
Most Blu-ray models are relatively inexpensive, offer built-in WiFi for internet access, are 3D playback capable, as well as lightweight and small in size. While I know there are many Blu-ray Disc players out there, this is sampling of what one might find in a local store.


Thursday May 16, 2013, 11:26:24 am #40 Last Edit: Thursday May 16, 2013, 12:32:32 pm by gparris
I have suggested some newer blu-ray players with some descriptions to update this site, these are mostly lower priced models of major brands. The newest models not only offer built in Wi Fi and 3D playback including 3D upconversion, but now offer streaming to your HDTV from your phone or tablets. Other higher-end models may offer a better build set, but that is strictly up to the consumer as to importance. Some newer models from Panasonic and Samsung offer 2 HDMI outputs for those with legacy AVRs, HDMI 1.3 or older so you can enjoy 3D to your HDTV set (if 3D capable) and the other to your AVR if your setup has one for lossless surround sound.  Most Blu-ray players eliminate the need for the HDTV to be the source for access to Netflix (you can buy a "dumb set") among other services and are constantly being updated with newer software to enhance the experience. So the blu-ray player is no longer just for disc playback, it is more of an entertainment hub.