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Something new, User reputation

Started by Gregg Lengling, Tuesday Oct 24, 2006, 12:11:59 pm

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Gregg Lengling

I've turned on the user reputation feature, we use this on another forum and it's interesting to see the points that accumulate for certain users that are very active and post interesting questions and responses.

In the upper right of each post under join date/location you will now see some square boxes....each box counts for a level of score that is lit, the number of boxes shows how much rep power they have, in other words how many points of rep they can give per rep boosting.  To boost the rep of a user on a post, you click on the scales above the join date, it also let's you enter a comment.  These comments and boosts can be viewed by the user on his control panel.  It's a lot of fun.  Here's some of the info regarding it.

By hovering your cursor over an user's reputation boxes you will see a little snippet that is cute and relates to their value....enjoy.

 An Introduction to User Reputation
User Reputation in its simplest form is a ranking of your user's benefit to your forum. Its basis comes from the opinions of all of your forum users that choose take part in it.

Users gain and lose reputation based on how their posts are scored by other forum participants. Users with the ability to affect reputation, will either give or take aways points by approving or disapproving with a post's content.

User reputation can be a derisive element of your forum so great care should be taken before a decision is made to enable it.

All of the factors that affect a user's reputation score are found in the User Reputation section of the vBulletin Options. Please view that section of the manual for more information on controlling how users are able to affect another user's reputation.
Gregg R. Lengling, W9DHI
Living the life with a 65" Aquos
glengling at milwaukeehdtv dot org  {fart}


I see you have a reputation that is beyond repute :rolleyes:

Gregg Lengling

Quote from: waterhead;35524I see you have a reputation that is beyond repute :rolleyes:

With over 3k posts and everything else (being around since the beginning ect), I would hope so.  You'll see the older more verbose members have high scores already as the software took all of that into play also.
Gregg R. Lengling, W9DHI
Living the life with a 65" Aquos
glengling at milwaukeehdtv dot org  {fart}