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Time Warner DVR

Started by midwesterntv, Wednesday Mar 09, 2005, 08:11:16 pm

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We have had Time Warner's digital cable service for quite some time now and I am trying to convince the other people in this house that upgrading to a digital video recorder would be extremely advantageous.  :bang:

For one thing, all we use VCRs here for is to record our programs and then watch them, not to watch movies since I have slowly forced them into DVDs -

Can you all give some more reasons on why upgrading from a VCR to a Time Warner DVR is a great idea?


1. No tapes
2. Record 2 programs at once
3. Watch a recorded program while recording 2 other programs
4. Never have to worry about setting the VCR to record if you set a show up in advance.
5. It's only $5
5. If 1-5 are not enough to convince them, then forget it.


I know it's awesome -  :guitar:

But has anyone ever experienced any problems with the service?


My service has been pretty good. I have the HD dvr and get a few picture and audio problems every now and then, but not much more then what I got on a stormy day with satellite.


Don't forget about the Recording features.

Set any program you want to record any time or channel you want, new or repeat. Start early, end late, whatever you want and it will follow the program if it changes time or date or channel.

Just set up your favorite shows once and never touch it again. They will always be recorded and waiting for you when you have the time to watch.


Also since you already have digital service, everyone will still be familiar with the guide they currenty are using.  Those in the house that want to use it as a 'regular' digital box can do so, while 'power users' like yourself are the lucky ones and get to record what you want!
Your family will also record more things because it's easier than the double-step of setting up the digital set top to go to a specific channel, then to the VCR to record.



For the price of renting one movie, you can try a DVR for a couple of weeks.   Completely pro-rated turn it back in at any time and stop paying for it.   However, you won't turn it in.  Trust me.  It's the best upgrade I've ever gotten.


On one of the analogue stations this week, unless it was a really old ad TWC forgot to delete, they were offering a free DVR service "special" for the first month along with the regular price of box rental at $7.95.

This could mean you get to "test drive" the DVR and save the first month's DVR service of either $5.95 for the SD DVR box service or $6.95 for HD DVR box service!
Even better to try it out without much to pay out. ;)