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TW DVR Users - After Time Change

Started by RS922, Sunday Apr 03, 2005, 12:20:51 pm

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After the last few time changes, I've noticed my TW DVR does not always continue to record all the repeating programs that I've set manually.  It happened on my 8000 and now on the 8300.  

I usually bring up the list and press "B" to look at scheduled programs.   If you no longer see something listed that you expect to record, cancel it out of the series manager and set it back up.  I found one M-F repeating program I had to reset.

Not sure why this happens, but it will save some grief to look at the scheduled recordings to avoid missing programs of interest.


You had me scared; I have about 50 shows programmed.

I just checked and everything is fine on both my 8000 and 8300.


Checked mine...no problems to report so far....thanks for the info, though. ;)

Mark Strube

This has happened to me before on several random, not so important shows. Weird.