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New "bug" from WTMJ-DT....

Started by Matt Heebner, Sunday Feb 24, 2002, 05:30:00 pm

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Matt Heebner

Watching the Olympics on local OTA, I am not real happy that WTMJ-DT feels the need to put up a high contrast "info" logo under the standard NBC peacock logo. Why is this needed?
I hope that this is not a sign of things to come...double logo bugs. I know that ABC does this on their analog broadcasts sometimes...the national "bug" and the the local 12 bug.
Come on NBC...one bug is enough! Because of this, I have been watching the HDNet coverage more.


My wife looked at the new STB sitting on the rack and she asked me,"This is never going to end, is it?"

Kevin Arnold

Better get used to it.  In Madison NBC WMTV does the same thing, as do ABC (WKOW) and CBS (WISC). At least most of theirs are transparent. Believe me, I have no doubt what network and channel I'm watching.
Kevin Arnold


I assume that you guys have sent or are going to send e-mails to WTMJ 4 to complain about this.  I think that unless there is some major fuss over it from HDTV owners, the situation isn't likely to change.

I don't really expect the logos to go away, but I think if enough people complain about the "bright" logos, more TV-friendly ones might make their way on the screen instead.

Richard Neff
Proud Toshiba 56x81 owner!