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Trouble switching to SD mode

Started by Boomalicious, Tuesday Jan 11, 2005, 11:11:18 am

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Anyone else having difficulty switching the SA8000HD from HD mode to SD?  I have tried pressing the CH+ and VOL- buttons simultaneously on the STB , but all I accomplish is changing the channel or decreasing the volume.  I'd like to be able to transfer recorded programs from the SA8000HD to my Panasonic DVR and, as I understand it, I need to switch the SA8000HD to SD mode to do that.  Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

I'm in Brookfield and have Time Warner Cable.


The trick is to press the "channel up" button and hold for a moment, then while holding "channel up", press the "volume minus", then release both buttons.  You will see the front display on the box change to "SD" if you are successful.


Why would one want to switch to SD mode?