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Twc Dvr

Started by jerbear, Wednesday Dec 01, 2004, 11:57:55 am

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Does anybody have TWC DVR and how does it work?
Are there any problems with it?


If you are thinking about the TWC SD or HD DVR, either work.
In the beginning there were issues with it, but many have been resolved. Sometimes I don't know if the pixelation issues I get are the DVR itself or the HD feed, but it is great to record in HD without a buying an HD Tivo, for now.
The DVRs are not as Tivo-friendly as they could be, but both are excellent choices for recording.
Your newest TWC billing covers the 2005 price schedule and you can get information on use of the DVRs from any kiosk or payment center from TWC (brochures).

Hope that this assists you.:D


Had a pixelation problem with the cable card from TWC and had to switch to a HD box. Do not want to get the DVR if it has a pixelation problem.


The main problem I see with the HD DVR is occasional audio dropouts and slight video pause/pixelation. This happens when I record the local HD channels (504, 505, 506, or 512) especially when I'm watching or recording another HD broadcast at the same time.  It usually happens a few times per hour and lasts 1 or 2 seconds. I also think heavy use of Roadrunner at the same time might make the problem worse.  It's very annoying.

Tom Snyder

So it's NOT just MY dvr that's doing that?  Whew...
Tom Snyder
Administrator and Webmaster for milwaukeehdtv.org


I also get audio dropouts with HD-DVR box from TWC.  Although at this point I think the problem exists with the cables coming into the box itself because one of my friends who lives in an apartment 100 yards away seems to be having VERY few if any dropouts.