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SA8000 DVR Programs disappearing...

Started by The Law, Friday Sep 10, 2004, 08:09:26 am

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The Law

I have been experiencing recorded programs disappearing after only a couple of days.  My "saved" (with the diamond) are not getting deleated.  I only have about 10 hours of recorded programmes (a mix of hd/sd) so it's not a space issue.

Is this normal behaviour?  I understand there is a timeout period, however, some of the stuff was just a couple of days old.

I've not yet contacted TWC...I thought I'd ask here in case this is a known issue with code updates, etc.


is it first in first out? In other words are your oldest recordings the ones that are disappearing? there is a 160GB drive in there, and the local stations are (providing TWC isn't compressing them further) around 7GB/hour (give or take). That means you should be getting around 22 hours of recording from local channels, more if you are only recording from 58 or fox, less if you are only recording from 36 or 4.

The Law

I just noticed this last night and my wife noticed it too.  I'm recording mainly from the HD tier channels (Showtime, iNHD, HDNET, etc) and from Fox Sports World (SD).  I noticed all non-"saved" stuff prior to Wednesday was deleted - this was last night.  I can't say if it's FIFO or not.  Either that, or I only imagine recording it 2 days ago :)

Do you recall the post that had the instructions to check for disk space?


Friday Sep 10, 2004, 09:31:08 am #3 Last Edit: Friday Sep 10, 2004, 09:38:35 am by summerfun
It is FIFO for deletion unless you go to the recorded show and change the deletion order.

When you look at your recorded shows. The ones on the bottom of the list are the next to go. You can hit "keep longer" and you will be given the option to drag a recorded show up or down the list changing it's date of doom. You can also say keep forever and it will never be deleted.

You can get to the service menu by holding in the "Select" key and the "Exit" key together until "Diag" comes up on the screen. Then tune to channel 611. The hard drive info is under the DVR AVFS heading at the bottom of the menu list. You must turn off the DVR to exit the menu.