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$300 gift card what DVD player for EDTV?

Started by Carmmond, Sunday Aug 29, 2004, 07:38:15 pm

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I just got Panasonic EDTV plasma from CC and will be getting a $300 gift card in the coming weeks. I just got the stand today and have the home theater so just need a new DVD player. Could anyone that has any DVD or DVD/VHS player from CC let me know what you think of them? Or even go to their web page and point me in the right $300 direction? I don't need a $1000 player but just want a good player without pauses and a good picture.

Thanks for your input!

Matt Heebner

Here is a comprehensive DVD player Shootout from Secrets Of Home Theater and High Fidelity's website. Check it out.

DVD Player Shootout

Check around the site. It really is very in-depth.



Hey Matt, I have read that but many are out of my league right now and are not available at Circuit City. For right now I'm looking at the Panasonic DVDF87S or the Onkyo DVCP702 or 701 and some DVD's to kill the $300 gift card. I can always pick up one of the next generations down the road. I'm open to suggestions on any others that they sell around that price point though if anyone has used them. With the cost of the TV and the stand I don't want to push the wife to much:D


Don't they have the Panny DVD recorder around the $399 range now?  I thought I saw something in the paper's ads Sunday along those lines. (Although, I already have 2 DVD recorders so I didn't look closely.)

I have the old E30 DVD recorder which served me very well until it was replaced with a Tosh recorder that had both the HDD and DVD drives.


I also just took the plunge and bought a 42" Panny TH-42PWD6UY ED Plasma (commercial model).  I added 2 DVI boards, one for the DirecTV HD tivo box and one for a new DVD player.

I am going to start with a new Denon model, DVD1910.  They should be available next week for about $250.  I don't know if CC carries Denon though.

I'll chime in on how it works out next week.


Great I'll check back for your review. I was looking at that one and the Panasonic DMRE75VS... I know CC sells the Panasonic.


I picked up the DVD1910 last night.  $249 at Flanners.
The unit will not sync with the Panny plasma over a DVI connection.  It is going back.  I did not try it with component as my goal is to have all connections via HDMI and DVI.

I guess I am going to wait for the DVD2910.  It was what I really wanted anyway.  I'll let you know how I fare.