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Is Fox broadcasting digitally yet?

Started by Ralph Kramden, Friday Jun 04, 2004, 07:23:11 pm

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Ralph Kramden

Is Fox Milwaukee broadcasting digitally yet? If they are, I can't pick them up. If not, is there any word when they might start? Thanks.


they are "broadcasting" if you want to call it that. Their signal is pretty much useless about a block away from their tower.  so unless you live next to it;  there is a 1 in a million chance you could get their programming.. Frankly the station could go away for all I care just move the packers to a station that can actually deliver the programming to it's customers.

Ralph Kramden

They are only broadcasting in analog, correct?

Gregg Lengling

Yes, no and yes.  They do have a digital transmitter on the air.  However it is very low power at very low elevation on their WX radar tower at their studios.  Basically only a couple of persons on this board can receive it.  However they don't have any HD programming even though the transmitter puts out a 720p widescreen format.  Everything is upconverted from 480i.  So until midsummer you won't get anything but normal programming.  However by the fall season FOX will have 720p programming including NFL football.  However we are still waiting for Fox6 to get an antenna and feedline on their big tower so the general public can receive the signal.

If you want you can take your TV and receiver and go park at the Office Max at Brown Deer and Green Bay, and in that case yes FOX6 does have a digital signal on the air.
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The local Fox 6 is broadcasting at 720p HD. The network however is still only providing a 480p ED widescreen feed, so for now you are looking at upconverted material. Later this fall, the fox network will start providing true 720p HD feed to our local affiliate.

Joseph S

QuoteLater this fall, the fox network will start providing true 720p HD feed to our local affiliate.

But you still won't be able to receive it. :D


QuoteOriginally posted by Joseph S
But you still won't be able to receive it. :D
I have resisted bringing this back up, but it has to be said.

TWC customers have no problem receiving FOX 6.

:rock: :rock: :rock:

Ralph Kramden

Yeah, but cable sucks. Case closed.

Todd Wiedemann

Referring back to this thread, I experimented today.

For those that don't know, I'm in the Falls, basically Appleton Ave and Hwy 'Q'.

I went up to the 2nd story roof and realigned the OTA antenna, hitting due south as best I could.

Then, using the rotor, swung back to my mark that worked for every other digital station, other than FOX.

Working gradually east, I actually found FOX ! :eek:

They're broadcasting in 720p, passing what FOX gives them apparently. I saw the end of a baseball game where the studio show filled my entire widescreen (and looked great !)

Thinking back to the little maps generated here when you do a search for my location, I remember that FOX is sending it's signal out seemingly parallel with Brown Deer Road, solely to the west, so that rotor position makes some sense.

I hope that helps some of you trying to grab FOX OTA.


I think I'll take my chances @ the powerball drawing tonight.

I live in Waukesha and my chances would be better at that then receiving Fox OTA.

I am just waiting for D* to give us the East coast feed of FoxHD.  Which should be by August I would think.  Then with the NFL ST & ESPNHD I should get all of the Packer games in HD that are available.


Slot Car Driver

I live in Brookfield near Butler (2 blocks south of 135th and Hampton) and receive FOX digital just fine.  I'm just over 8 miles away.  They are transmitting their signal south southwest so only those few of us that are within about 10 miles of their studio living south of them can receive the signal.  You will need an outdoor antenna pointed directly at their studio tower to get the signal.  I don't think you will be able to get their signal if you have any hills or tall buildings between your location and their tower.

Hope they get their antenna up on the main tower soon so that all of us can get their signal.

Ralph Kramden

Why isn't Fox taking care of their broadcasting problem, is it just financial reasons or what?

John L


   WITI-DT is suppose to be on the air and covering all of Southeastern Wisconsin by this weekend of June 11-13th.

-John L.


of 2004?

If this is true and it happens it will be good news.


Tom Snyder

Tom Snyder
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