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uh oh, have I delayed my getting an HD Tivo?

Started by borghe, Monday Dec 29, 2003, 08:58:50 am

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So I went ahead and ordered two TurboNet cards for my DirecTivos... after doing a lot of reading around there are some things I can do with these cards that will prove invaluable to me. Web interfaces for controling the Tivo away from home.. Being able to copy shows between Tivos and archiving bit for bit perfect quality shows to DVD-R. Heck, with the press of a remote control button you can hack your Tivo to display local weather maps over the picture on any channel.

So the problem now is that it will be harder to retire these Tivos for the HD Tivos... before I was getting identical functionality with the added benefit of recording and watching HD. Now I will lose everything I Am putting into these, some things which are very important to me....

hopefully the new Tivos won't be that hard to modify..

oh, and no one on the forum here seems likely to do so, but please don't post here or PM me with questions on how to do illegal stuff with DirecTivo.. I don't know how and don't care to know.