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Help needed

Started by Dan the Man, Sunday Dec 28, 2003, 10:49:47 am

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Dan the Man

I have a set up that I built to record TV on a PC and also burn/watch DVD's. The TV tuner is not HD. First some background:

PC - Custom built by me. XP pro operating system.
ASUS P4C800-E Motherboard
P4 2.83 MHZ with HT processor
160 GB serial ATA Hard drive
Radeon ATI All In Wonder 9800 PRO video card. The card has coax input for cable/antenna and also accepts s-video input. Output can be s-video, composite or component. Also has a DVI output with an adaptor to VGA. My Pioneer TV also has an RGB input on the back.
I am running the Catalyst multimedia software that came with the card. ATI Multimedia 8.7
I can't get the picture to fit the full screen when using the RGB or the component outputs. The s-video output mode works fine. I cannot set the resolution lower that 800X600.
Sometimes when I first run the TV mode, there is no audio unless I pause and restart the picture.

When recording and it is set to stop autometically, the program crashes and doesn't save the file.
I doubt it's a hardware issue, although I have to say I have found working with the Radeon 9800 card frustrating.

For you guys out there with this same set-ip, what software are you running for TV resording and playback? Maybe there is a better TV program, or there are better video cards for this application.
Any help would be appreciated. post it here, or e-mail me at: Climberdan@wi.rr.com



Sorry to be the party pooper, but there are new drivers for you to download from ATI.com
I own an old All-in-wonder card, and anytime I have problems, I always go look to see if there are new drivers.  Looks like they're at version 8.8 now (came out on 12/17/03), and you need to have DirectX 9 installed (which you probably already do).

As for the other problems you have, I can't say I can help because I don't have that new of a card.  I will keep my eye on this thread to see how things go, because I'm thinking about getting almost the exact same setup...so if I find out yours doesn't work as I expected it to, I'll rething it.  I wanted a P4 3ghz, 800mhz bus, either the Asus motherboard you got or something comparable from Gigabyte, 1GB RAM, and the ATI AIW9800.  I hope (for your sake and mine) that the new version of the Multimedia Center fixes some of the problems.

Mike B.
Sony 52W4100 LCD
Dish Network w/722 DVR
PS3, Xbox 360, Wii