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General (Non-HDTV) Milwaukee TV / Nice
Sunday May 26, 2013, 09:20:45 am
Very cool. Nice find!
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / Thanks Ponies
Sunday May 12, 2013, 11:34:28 am
Can always count on you for a colorful response. lol. :)
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / Thanks Ralph
Sunday Apr 21, 2013, 08:22:44 pm
To be honest I have a disc as well. Those settings gave me a starting point. Most calibrations in my option as bland. I like the picture to pop. Making it most natural is boring. I always tweak it to my liking. All I can say is when friends  or family come over and see my stuff I get a woooow! Room lighting, source and personal preference seem to be the biggest thing. This goes for sound as well. Going to watch my first 3D movie tonight. Judge Dread. Thanks again.:wave:
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / Pn60e8000
Sunday Apr 21, 2013, 09:55:45 am
Well got the TV set it up. Picture is stunning. Has more features then I have been able to use just yet. In a few reviews it was stated that the picture was too dark. I found this to be the case as well be adjusted the settings worked just fine. In fact I used a guys calibration settings that were posted on line and it is out standing. Have not use IR blaster. Camera is ok. Motion control is really a gimmick to me. Cinema smooth feature is really nice as well makes the 24 FPS look great. As of now could not be happier. Also in reviews said for some people there was a buzz. I have none. :)
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / Got it!
Thursday Apr 11, 2013, 08:21:10 pm
Found a 2012 model at Sear's. Had a PN60E8000 in stock. 1800.00 bought two extra pairs of 3D glasses for a total of 4. :) Free delivery. Should have it 04/17/2013.
 Will post impressions after I get it setup and tested. From my reading was one of two as the best TV's in 2012. Hoping!
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / Zt!
Thursday Apr 11, 2013, 07:20:38 am
ZT is supposed to be the best. For me the VT is barely what I am willing to spend. ZT is going to be crazy $! Plus production delay won't be out for a while. :(
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / Trouble in TV land!
Wednesday Apr 10, 2013, 08:02:11 pm
After my last post I went on line to order the TV I wanted. I did not realize this is the season that the models switch which explains the prices. I like to shop at Best Buy cuz they have a 45 day no questions asked return policy. This is great if you think you made a mistake or there's a problem. Well I go to order the set. out of stock. see the list.

Panasonic - 65" Class (64-3/4" Diag.) - Plasma - 1080p - 600Hz - Smart - 3D - HDTV
out of stock

Samsung - 60" Class (59-9/10" Diag.) - Plasma - 1080p - 600Hz - Smart - 3D - HDTV
out of stock

Samsung - 64" Class (64" Diag.) - Plasma - 1080p - 600Hz - Smart - 3D HDTV
out of stock

Samsung - 64" Class (64" Diag.) - Plasma - 1080p - 600Hz - Smart - 3D - HDTV
out of stock

Samsung - 60" Class (59-9/10" Diag.) - Plasma - 1080p - 600Hz - Smart - 3D HDTV
out of stock

Panasonic - 65" Class (64-3/4" Diag.) - Plasma - 1080p - 600Hz - Smart - 3D - HDTV
out of stock

Panasonic - VIERA - 60" Class (60-1/8" Diag.) - Plasma - 1080p - 600Hz - Smart - 3D - HDTV
out of stock

PS I have tried, Flanner's, American. Best buy and Crutchfield.

I am depressed! lol
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / Well?
Friday Apr 05, 2013, 03:00:08 pm
Have done a lot of reading. Tons of reviews. Panasonic and Samsung are the last two and I think I will go with the Samsung. Found a price of 2199.99 at BB for the PN64E7000FFXZ. Diff between the 8000 and 7000 is the motion sensor and one other thing I think I will never use maybe it was Skype. Things are getting blurry now lol. Just have to have a talk with the queen B. Then off to the store. On the web site this price only shows up in cart.. Maybe even gets cheaper on Sunday. ;). Thanks again for everybody's help. Peace out.
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / Thanks gparris
Tuesday Apr 02, 2013, 09:29:42 pm
Another good choice!
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / Thanks
Sunday Mar 31, 2013, 02:33:12 pm
it's funny before I was going to buy one I would say that's the one I will get someday. Not that I am ready, it's like my wife looking at paint samples too many choices. What I want, what I need. Will I get get features I will never use, but maybe would like? Reading a lot today. On the TC-P65VT50. That one looks like the cats behind. A little high end, No 3D glasses. Big money. seems the 3D and web browser add a lot of cost at no real benefit to me. But that one and the Samsung PN64F8500AF , are the leaders. I will take a break from it. check these out in store's for a while. Do some more digging see what happens . Thanks for reply's. :)
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / No
Sunday Mar 31, 2013, 08:58:44 am
Not a projector fan , too dim, room has too much light. Never saw one that wowed me.
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / To be fare.
Saturday Mar 30, 2013, 05:23:58 pm
Power consumption is a factor for some. but it really is not a big difference. My 60 inch gets warm, very warm. Near the thermostat saves on gas bill. lol
Also there is on my unit and a few I have checked on, a buzz that comes from the TV. If I turn on the sound last I can here it other wise no. Also I have wireless headphones those do not work well with a Plasma there is interference coming from the TV. But those things I noticed are pretty minor and the only reason I found those is cuz of research and I am picky. :)Thanks
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / T.V.'s
Saturday Mar 30, 2013, 10:16:54 am
I can spend what I want. Would like to stay in the 2500 range. But again if I am blown away by something that won't matter. Because I am not a 3D person, that and the Smart TV features just add cost to the set. Problem is you only get the newest processors and quality with the higher priced sets. Panasonic I like because they started the Plasma sets. That does not mean others are not good, just means they know there ****. Samsung sets have also been good to me. LED's are great but there again it's the in thing and from my side there is no benefit. Not energy, not picture, not design. If you do any gaming and are good at it, the LED has a lag. And can cause problems. The is caused by the processing in trying to get the same picture as a Plasma it takes a little more time. You will not see the with movies or TV's but you will with games. Yes I know there is a lag adjustment but that never works out for me. The ZT65 2013 seems to be the front runner. That set looks beautiful.
Have a 60 inch Samsung Plasma. Great TV about a year old going to give it to my son for graduation. So I am looking at a 65 inch either a Samsung or Panasonic. I can't really see a reason to get a LED but I am open to the suggestion in my option the picture really is not as good. Don't need 3D but it's not a negative same with the smart TV aspect. Just not a deal breaker. 65 inch is about as big as I can go in my house and stay married. lol Thanks for any input. Connected to it I have a 7.2 sound system. Mounted on the wall. PS3 and Xbox360. Dish Network. And AV reciver is HDMI connected. Thanks again.