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Milwaukee HDTV Technical Issues / Re: power increase
Saturday Nov 10, 2018, 04:11:51 pm
Quote from: larsob on Wednesday Feb 07, 2018, 07:54:46 pm
While looking at the FCC database I noticed that all of the Milwaukee full-power television stations have applied for a power increase.

5  WIWN 48 kW
8  WMVS 70 kW
27 WVTV 1000 kW
28 WISN 1000 kW
29 WDJT 1000 kW
30 WPXE 1000 kW
31 WITI 1000 kW
32 WTMJ 1000 kW

The frequency (analog channel) changes and power increases don't take affect until October 2019.

-John L.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / Re: Changes Coming..
Saturday Dec 16, 2017, 11:40:54 am
Quote from: techguy1975 on Thursday Apr 13, 2017, 07:57:52 pm
Looks like there will be some changes coming to the Milwaukee TV dial.  4 stations will be leaving the air, surrendering their license as part of the FCC spectrum repack.  Those leaving the air will be

  • WMVT

  • WCGV

  • WMLW

  • WVCY

Read more about it here: http://www.northpine.com/, or here:http://transition.fcc.gov/Daily_Releases/Daily_Business/2017/db0413/DA-17-314A2.pdf

WMVT 36-1 and some of it's sub-channels will clip on WMVS ch. 8 transmitter and transmit 36-1 alongside 10-1, 10-2, etc..

WMLW will share it's programming over WDJT's transmitter.  I think they do now as one of the 58 sub-channels, but maybe they will change the 58 sub-channel for that with 41-1. After the changes something different here. It is not what I posted here.

WVCY, TV 30 will tag along on WITI's transmitter currently on 33, thus 6-1, 6-2, 30-1.  WITI will be changing it's RF transmitter from 33 to 31 in the summer.  Sorry, the RF change will take place in Fall of 2019.

WCGV will tag along on ch. 18's transmitter as 18-1, 18-2, 24-1, 24-2, 24-3 all over ch. 18, but in the summer the rf will be changed to 27. Sorry this RF change will take place in Fall 2019!

So this could mean that if you are watching TV using an antenna, you will be require to rescan your TV daily or once a week through out the summer. Starting January 8 in order to get 36 and 30 and 24 since some will be shutting off their transmitters on January 8th.

-John L.
Latest News / Re: January 23 2018
Saturday Dec 16, 2017, 11:33:41 am
Quote from: larsob on Monday Jul 24, 2017, 07:39:21 pm
The FCC has set a deadline of January 23 2018 for WCGV, WMLW, WMVT & WVCY to turn off their transmitters.

Info comes from northpine.com

They must have changed the date to January 8 somewhere along the line.

-John L.
Latest News / Re: January 23 2018
Sunday Nov 05, 2017, 09:01:15 pm
Quote from: larsob on Monday Jul 24, 2017, 07:39:21 pm
The FCC has set a deadline of January 23 2018 for WCGV, WMLW, WMVT & WVCY to turn off their transmitters.

Info comes from northpine.com

So what will happen here is WCGV will shut down their transmitter on ch. 25 and move 24-1, 24-2, and 24-3 programming on ch. 18 transmitter and continue on there with 18-1, and 24-1 both full HD along with 18-2, 24-2, and 24-3.  I don't know who WVCY is going to go with as far as continuing it's broadcast, Maybe they will lease space on the ch. 18 transmitter to?  Or maybe go with WTMJ, WITI, or WISN or whatever.

Once ch. 24 moves to the ch. 18 transmitter I assume they will take the ch. 25 transmitter, retune it, align the antenna for channel 27 and then in summer 2018 they will shut down the ch. 18 transmitter and move 18-1, 18-2, 24-1, 24-2, 24-3 onto ch. 27.

-John L.
Latest News / Re: January 23 2018
Sunday Nov 05, 2017, 08:54:40 pm
WMLW will probably repack onto WDJT-TV's transmitter on ch. 46 and continue to appear as 41-1 along with 58-1, 58-2, 58-3 on the same transmitter and also full 1096 HD along with 58-1.

-John L.
General (Non-HDTV) Milwaukee TV / WCGV-TV - 25th Anniversary
Tuesday May 17, 2016, 10:39:40 pm
Wow!  This thread is still here and seeing posts from the late Dick Nitelinger. He passed away, I believe was 2009.  Reading these posts bring back memory and yours truly having to reply to some of the posts in regards to WCGV's 25 anniversary back in 2005.

-John L.
General (Non-HDTV) Milwaukee TV / Viacom 2 tier Cable?
Saturday Jan 23, 2016, 01:27:21 pm
I think it was Viacom in which they brought in 2 cables into the home to connect into the box.  Why 2 cables, I don't know otherwise seperate tiers perhaps?  

I believe they had that in Franklin.

Muskego had Ingersoll which one cable into homes.

-John L.
What's 21-1  ???

What's the actual analog channel that they are transmitting the digital signal on?

Virtual Ch?
Hope you guys realize that this website, Milwaukee HDTV org is scheduled to go offline permanently at anytime.  So, next time you attempt to log on and cannot...you will know why.

Tom Snyder is planning to take it down since its costing him to keep it up and a lot of people are not accessing or posting info anymore.


-John L.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / Suddenly poor reception of cbs 58
Saturday Sep 20, 2014, 03:40:13 pm
I thought ch. 49 is on ch. 58's tower since they are both o&o by Weigel.

-John L.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / WIWN 68, is it still on?
Sunday Jul 20, 2014, 03:09:59 pm
Interesting!  I changed out indoor antennas from a cheapy I had bought from Menards a while ago with an amplified HDTV antenna from Target and I get all stations except no signs of WIWN.   Hmmm....

I also have another set up with another amplified HDTV outdoor antenna I am experimenting with indoors that I bought from Heartland America and rotating it around, no signs of it appearing on ch. 5.  They do transmit their DTV signal on VHF ch. 5 if I recall.

-John L.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / WIWN 68, is it still on?
Friday Jul 18, 2014, 04:58:26 pm
I don't about you folks, but its been 2 weeks since I last saw WIWN-TV.  I am unable to receive them. Indications that maybe its off the air?  Can anyone relate?

-John L.
Franklin, WI.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / WVTV to get movie subchannel
Friday Jul 04, 2014, 09:38:47 pm
I didn't say GET TV is down. Its operating. Tuned in now and have an old movie on 18-2.

I was referring to my Time Warner Cable.....it was working bad today, thus I switch my TV to antenna mode and channel scanning and notice that besides 18-1 came up but the next channel was 18-2 not 24-1.

Since the TWC merger with Comcast or whatever, there quality has shot down. It won't be long that TWC or who operates it will eventually go out of business while AT & T Universe is having a fast rate of new subscribers.  Installers will have a hard time keeping up with the new subscribers connecting each day.

-John L.

Quote from: Jack 1000;59996Hi John,

What do you mean?  That GetTV is down now?  Maybe it was just a test run. I checked the website.  They have an agreement with TWC in some areas.  TWC has been good here.  I hate the poor quality of the DVR's and outdated guide, but phone and Internet are awesome!


PS.  Get TV's website in both IE 11 and  Firefox 30, does not show the conventional URL format. I get the following:


It is a channel that plays old movies like Turner Classic Movies (TCM) on cable and dish.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / WVTV to get movie subchannel
Friday Jul 04, 2014, 09:23:55 am
That was quick!!!   I see they have lifestyle programs on this morning, but 3 movies scheduled for this afternoon.  I noticed 18-2 about 15 mins ago while channel scanning with the antenna since I was forced off TWC because I was having problems.  TWC quality is going to hell. SO I may end up yet with dropping cable, going all with the antenna and my ROKU player.

-John L.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / WVTV to get movie subchannel
Saturday Jun 28, 2014, 12:03:07 am
Quote from: jjallou;59985Brewers Games? That ship has sailed due to the greediness of the Bucks & Brewers organizations to go cable only and keep the commercial revenue to themselves. Besides, I wouldn't want to see a sports sub-channel OTA anyway (probably wouldn't be HD). Since we pay tax dollars for Miller Park all the games should be made available OTA on the main HD channel..........

I and many folks would love to see this so we all can drop cable and satellite and just watch TV via antenna. It beats paying $150 per month with TWC.

-John L.