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Jimboy was awesome and put his stations to 72 hours right away (thanks again!) but I've not had any luck with the contact forms at the other stations.  Maybe we should use the web contact forms / email and call to ask as well.  Remember, you catch more flies with honey!  I will try to do this tonight.  

http://fox6now.com/contact/ 414-355-6666

WISN engineering 414-342-8812 http://www.wisn.com/We-Want-To-Hear-From-You/-/9374034/8052708/-/f3iok9z/-/index.html


WTMJ Engineering http://www.todaystmj4.com/about
Tony Lucas
Manager of Operations
That depends whether your converter box passes through the antenna signal when powered off.  IIRC the versions I had do not pass the signal through.  Regardless, I would suggest that using a splitter is your best option, provided you have decent reception.  One splitter should not cause an issue with any kind of decent signal.
Quote from: Jimboy;59188Any idea how far your unit will display?... I'm curious to know how much you can see now.

Also....the person who played the part of WPXE ION I believe no longer works there.

Thanks Jimboy.  My device will show up to 7 days out, but being able to see 72 hours is fantastic.
Jimboy, WPXE ION, and others:

Can you add PSIP data out 48-72 (or more) hours please?  Your channels (and WTMJ) are already sending the most data of any locals, and it is appreciated.  With TVGOS having pulled the plug, users of certain equipment like the DTVPal DVR I own must rely on the PSIP data sent out by each station to view guide data.  

Please see the attached pic for an example.

Also, are there any other station engineers who frequent this site?  I am trying to contact all of them with the same request.  I started with PBS, but could only find the "contact us" section on their website.  After a few days, I haven't gotten a response.  If anyone has contact info, I would appreciate it!

Milwaukee HDTV Technical Issues / WMVS subchannel duplication?
Wednesday Aug 15, 2012, 10:37:18 pm
Quote from: mrschimpf;58808Is the 36 UHF translator for WMVS finally up?

The new channels are indeed UHF 36.

Quote from: ArgMeMatey;58809I don't have a meter but WMC showed the higher subchannels were 'yellow' strength while the lower ones were all 'green'.

I noticed the same thing.  Indicated signal strengths for me are 98-100 for channel 8, and 78-81 for channel 36.

I assume  this is designed for those OTA folks having trouble pulling in VHF channels?
Latest News / Finally! WMLW in HD Coming to TWC! (In March)
Monday Feb 13, 2012, 09:22:42 pm
This may be a silly question, but that means that OTA 41-1 will be upgraded too?  I assume TWC would need to get the signal OTA and re-transmit it.  I sure hope they don't try to cram another HD signal on 58's already too-compressed stream.
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / Opinion: Sharp 70" LED LCD TV
Friday Jan 20, 2012, 10:21:08 am
Quote from: Nels Harvey;58246Well, I found a Sharp Aquos 70" TV at Costco.  It's up on the wall, and even the small change from a 60" size to 70" is impressive.  Now the wife wants new furniture!  Oh well, what good is money if you don't spend it? :-)

Congrats on the purchase!

You may want to see if they'll do a price adjustment.  I just got an email from Sam's club advertising a sale on the same TV -- it's $2597 there vs. the $2800 shown on Costco's website.
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / Recommendations for Antenna
Tuesday Nov 29, 2011, 09:44:48 pm
Quote from: sk1927;58072thanks for feedback. one question on splitting the signals - I have 3 TVs in the house - all are digital sets, what recomendations would anyone have so I can split the signal from the antenna. to the TVs?  Am using TWC now, and would drop the TV service but keep the Roadrunner service.

With a good, well-aimed antenna, signal strength should not be a problem for you, since you are so close to the towers.  I used most of the old TWC coax lines as-is, and ran new coax from the attic antenna to the basement where the cable came in the house.  I just disconnected the cable input at the first splitter, and swapped the antenna one in.  You may have to run some coax, since you need to keep the cable connection to wherever your RR box is.

If you can, run a temporary line direct from the antenna to a TV for the initial aiming and testing signals.  Once you've got it dialed in, hook it up to the old cable lines and see how it goes.  I'd bet you'll be fine even if you have a rat's nest of cabling.  I've got at least three splitters and over a hundred feet of coax and still have signal strength in the high 90s.  Have fun!  Free HD is the best HD, if you ask me.
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / Recommendations for Antenna
Monday Nov 28, 2011, 07:43:04 pm
You can also try Marmax on 68th and Rawson.  They are a wholesale supplier, but won't turn you away.  You can ask them what they recommend.  http://www.marmaxdistribution.com/

I'm in Tosa, so not far from you, and have great reception with a UHF only antenna from Marmax.  I have a Channel Master 4221 in my attic, and signal strengths are 95 and better for me, even on Channel 10 (really broadcasting on channel 8).  If you can do an outdoor mount, that's great, but with as close as you are you might be able to get away with indoor / attic.  I have lots of big trees around, and the only issue I have is when it's windy -- the blowing leaves can cause multipath.  I had absolutely zero success before I got it mounted up in the attic, but I'm in a weird null spot it would seem.

Good luck.  Let us know how it goes.

edit- forgot a couple things.  Try a rabbit ears first if you have one laying around.  You'd be surprised how many people can get away with that.  If you get decent signal, that's great, but you still might have multipath issues.  Directional antennas like the one I use can help that.

Go to //www.antennaweb.org for more recommendations, and more important for an address specific map of where the towers are located.  You're probably at about 60 degrees and 48 degrees for the two tower locations, so you can split the difference and aim at 54 and should get good results.
The guide data is back as of 7:00 tonight for me.  I have the full 7 days worth of listings again.

Thanks, WDJT!
Quote from: Jack 1000;58046Hi,

Who is your provider? (TWC, U-Verse, Dish Network, Direct TV, or OTA with external equipment?)  Give box manufacturer and model number if known.


Hi Jack,

TVGOS for Milwaukee comes from WDJT OTA via a box provided by Rovi, who own TV Guide.  There are a number of OTA devices that use it, among them the Sony DHG DVRs, some Sony TVs (they have a 24 hour version I think), and the DTVPal DVR / Channel Master CM-7000PAL twins that I am aware of.  Maybe the old LG LST-3410A DVRs as well?

Milwaukee HDTV Technical Issues / TV Guide Grid Data Missing?
Thursday Nov 24, 2011, 10:24:33 pm
Quote from: Jack 1000;58043It could be a server miscommunication displaying the "No Listing." messages.  I would recommend turing off your box by pressing the CBL button on your reboot.  Than do a cold reboot of the box by unplugging it for about a minute, allowing it to reboot.  Is the guide data back after this?


Much more likely the Rovi (TVGOS) box is down at WDJT.  One person at avsforums has contacted them about it.  http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/////showthread.php?p=21249185#post21249185

I can't find Dan Dyer's email or I would shoot a note to him too.  He has been responsive in the past.

I tried the reboot route on one of my DTVPal DVRs.  No joy.

I thought it was still broadcasting data, but was told:  http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/////showthread.php?p=21234594#post21234594

I no longer have the TV Guide logo that shows receiving the TVGOS signal either.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / CBS58 going HD
Wednesday Jul 20, 2011, 01:02:41 pm
Quote from: PONIES;57602Never, as long as it's a subchannel. CBS58's signal is molested enough @ 9 Mbps. Can you imagine them trying to upgrade WMLW too? What a disaster that would be.

Remember they also broadcast on 41-1.  It would be nice if they were able to upgrade that to HD, but I'm not holding my breath!  I can't imagine there are many low-power stations actually broadcasting in HD.
Milwaukee HDTV Technical Issues / OTA Reception
Monday Jul 11, 2011, 11:20:37 pm
Start with the simple stuff.  Try unplugging the power on the antenna -- as mentioned, you likely need an attenuated signal.  An amplified antenna doesn't help in that case.  

I'm in Tosa too, and had some antenna issues at my place.  I couldn't get anything to work short of an antenna in the attic.  Six blocks away, my folks can get great signal with a pair of rabbit ears -- go figure.  They tried an amplified antenna, and it would cause pixellation too.  Unplugged, it works like a charm.  

Did you try just rabbit ears?

Good luck.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / FOX 6 News HD
Monday Nov 22, 2010, 09:44:54 am
Did anyone notice the overlay they used yesterday during the Packer game?  In the top middle of the screen they were plugging the post-game show.  

Every time they did this, the audio was attenuated and there was a bit of a timing issue.  Audio and video skipped back or forward a tiny bit, like a quarter of a second rewind or fast forward.  WAY better than dropping to SD, but I wonder how many people noticed this.