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Milwaukee HDTV Programming / Comet is coming!
Wednesday Oct 28, 2015, 01:42:57 pm
Starting this Saturday Comet will replace Zuus Country on WCGV 24.2
Milwaukee HDTV Technical Issues / WCGV now at 1000kw
Wednesday Jul 20, 2011, 08:48:14 pm
Now operating at 1000kw ERP (up from 625kw) on 7-19-11.
No wonder it's hot outside! :rock:
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / SMACKDOWN on MyNetworkTV - HD
Friday Oct 03, 2008, 08:59:30 am
Friday Night SmackDown settles into its new home on MyNetwork TV on Oct. 3, all three World Champions will face off. WWE Champion Triple H, World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho and ECW Champion Matt Hardy will compete in a Triple Threat Match.

Don't miss this unprecedented night in sports-entertainment history as, for the first time ever on broadcast television, it will be a night of Champion vs. Champion encounters, including Superstars and Divas from Raw, ECW and SmackDown.

STARTS TONIGHT! October 3rd On My 24 IN HD 7pm

Milwaukee Broadcast Engineers / DTV Tower Work
Monday Sep 15, 2008, 09:13:28 am
Work is being done on the DTV tower near the vicinity of the 18-1 (channel 61) antenna. Due to this we will be off the air during the day today (9-15-08).
Just completed some updates for our program guides. Any problems please post them here........thanks.
Currently working on an electrical issue with the cooling system. It'll be back up as soon as we can get parts.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / Wwe.......in Hd!
Friday Jan 11, 2008, 08:30:50 am

WWE® Goes HD

STAMFORD, Conn., January 14, 2008 - World Wrestling Entertainment® fans will soon be getting their weekly doses of high-energy entertainment delivered in stunning high definition.  Beginning the week of January 21, WWE's Monday Night RAW® and A.M. RAW on USA, ECW®: Extreme Championship Wrestling™ on SCI FI Channel, and Friday Night SmackDown® on The CW will all be delivered in HD.  

WWE will also broadcast its pay-per-views in HD, starting with Royal Rumble on January 27.  

WWE's switch to high-def was made possible by a series of upgrades to the company's television studios in Stamford, Conn.  The $20 million HD renovations included refitting of equipment to broadcast WWE programming and global pay-per-view programming in high definition on cable and satellite systems around the world.

"The move to high-definition programming is another step in WWE's ongoing mission to provide fans with the most engaging, exciting product possible," said Mike Grossman, Senior Vice President, Television Operations.  "This upgrade will be the first of many technological advances for our brand in 2008."

WWE programming reaches nearly 16 million people per week in the U.S.  "Monday Night RAW" on USA Network is the most watched regularly scheduled program on ad-supported cable television in the U.S.   "Friday Night SmackDown" on CW is the No. 1 program on broadcast TV Friday nights among males 18-24.  

Additional information on World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: WWE) can be found at wwe.com and corporate.wwe.com.  For information on our global activities, go to http://www.wwe.com/worldwide/
Milwaukee Broadcast Engineers / Wmlw 41-1
Friday Nov 30, 2007, 09:17:18 pm
Looks like WMLW is up & running on channel 13 (OTA). Currently SD 480i. Anyone else picking this up?
I currently receive all Milwaukee locals at or near 100% on my signal meter. This new channel comes in around 41%.    Dan Dyer? Any insight?
Latest News / Just when you thought you were watching HD
Tuesday Jun 05, 2007, 09:17:30 pm
NHK begins public testing of Ultra HD

Japanese broadcaster NHK, which first began research into HDTV more than four decades ago, has begun conducting public testing of its Ultra HD standard.

NHK's Ultra HD technology delivers 7680 x 4320 resolution, which is up to 16 times greater than HDTV. The super-fast prototype cameras can capture data at a rate of 4000fps, with an audio component that is 22.2 channels (as compared to today’s 5.1 surround sound).

As part of the first public test in Tokyo, the broadcaster is using ATEME’s MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) encoding technology. It is cooperating closely with NHK Labs in the design and development of the standard.

Ultra HD cameras, recorders, encoders and projectors are currently under development with a 2009 date for the introduction of the full specification for Ultra HD. NHK estimates that satellite transmission tests will begin in 2011, and by 2020, Ultra HD will be ready for broadcast to households.

For more information, visit //www.ateme.com.

Original article http://broadcastengineering.com/hdtv/nhk-public-testing-ultra-hd/?r=4
Latest News / MNT Starting To Make Changes
Wednesday Jan 31, 2007, 04:26:01 pm

TVNEWSDAY, Jan. 31, 5:05 PM ET

The network will air movies in place of the telenovela recaps for the next two Saturdays as it works on a new programming lineup.

By Harry A. Jessell

Fox's My Network Television will air movies rather than its regular telenovela recaps for the next two Saturday nights, a MNT affiliate told TVNEWSDAY Wednesday.

An MNT spokesperson confirmed the schedule switch, but cautioned that a movie-of-the-week would not necessarily be a part of the new, revamped MNT lineup.

Consider the movies--Something Wild and Deceiver--a "special event," she said, adding that MNT would soon release more details on its programming plans.

MNT debuted last September offering two, one-hour telenovelas back-to-back each weeknight with recaps on Saturdays. The telenovelas run 13 weeks.

But viewers never bought in. At NATPE earlier this month, Fox named longtime programmer Greg Meidel president of the network and charged him with assembling a new schedule that could win over a significant number of viewers.

The second round of  telenovelas--Wicked, Wicked Games and Watch Over Me--end on March 9, suggesting that Meidel will be ready with his new lineup on the following Monday, March 12.

So far, all that is known about the revised MNT lineup is that it will include a weekly, two-hour program based on the International Fight League--a team approach to martial arts with behind-the-scene elements. MNT expects the show to debut in "mid-2007."

The MNT affiliate says that the telenovelas will be back, but in a reduced role, possibly two nights a week. Back-to-back episodes of one telenovela would appear one night; back-to-back episodes of another, on another night.
BALTIMORE (January 22, 2007) - Sinclair Broadcast Group,  Inc.  (Nasdaq:
SBGI) is pleased to announce that  it  has  entered  into  a  retransmission
consent  agreement  with  Time  Warner  Cable,  the  largest  cable   system
servicing Sinclair's markets.  The agreement,  which  expires  December  31,
2009, allows Time Warner to carry the  analog  and  digital  signals  of  35
television stations owned and/or operated  by  Sinclair  in  22  markets  to
approximately six  million  of  Time  Warner's  subscribers,  many  of  whom
receive two stations owned and/or operated by Sinclair.

    "Sinclair is very pleased to  have  reached  this  agreement  with  Time
Warner, which carries our stations to more subscribers than any other  cable
company," commented David Smith, CEO and President  of  Sinclair.   "We  are
excited that this agreement not only ensures retransmission of  our  signals
by Time Warner for the next three years, but also provides for the  carriage
of our digital  signals  for  the  first  time  to  most  of  Time  Warner's
subscribers.   This  agreement,  which  represents  a  mutually   acceptable
economic agreement between the parties, is further indication of  the  value
of our  television  stations  to  cable  companies  and  provides  a  strong
illustration of the successful operation of the free market for  negotiation
of retransmission consent agreements. "

    Today's agreement includes the following stations and markets:

Birmingham, AL:  WABM/WTTO
Buffalo, NY:  WNYO/ WUTV
Cape Girardeau, MO/Paducah, KY:  WDKA/KBSI
Charleston, SC:  WMMP/WTAT
Charleston, WV:  WCHS/WVAH
Cincinnati, OH:  WSTR
Columbus, OH:  WSYX/WTTE
Dayton, OH:  WKEF/WRGT
Greensboro/High Point/Winston Salem, NC:  WMYV/WXLV
Lexington, KY:  WDKY
Norfolk, VA:  WTVZ
Milwaukee, WI:  WCGV/WVTV
Pensacola, FL/Mobile, AL:  WEAR
Pittsburgh. PA:  WPGH/WPMY
Portland, ME:  WGME
Raleigh, NC:  WLFL/WRDC
Rochester, NY:  WUHF
San Antonio, TX:  KABB/KMYS
Springfield. MA:  WGGB
Syracuse, NY:  WNYS/WSYT
Tallahassee, FL:  WTWC
Tampa, FL:  WTTA

      The agreement also provides for the carriage of Sinclair's MyNetwork
TV affiliates in Columbus, Ohio and Dayton, Ohio, both of which are
transmitted as digital multicast stations.

    Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc., one of the largest and most  diversified
television broadcasting companies, currently owns and operates, programs  or
provides  sales  services  to  58  television  stations   in   36   markets.
Sinclair's  television  group  reaches  approximately  22%   of   the   U.S.
television households and is affiliated with all the major networks.

Milwaukee HDTV Programming / Good News? Bad News?
Saturday Dec 30, 2006, 07:01:25 pm
Due to new FCC regulations regarding multicast sub-channels The Tube will be dropped from 24-2.

Bad news if you like the channel, good news if you dislike multicasting as the bitrate will go back up for 24-1. (at least until the next project comes along)

Programming ends at 5pm on Dec 31st. 24-2 will be turned off at that time.

Cheers, and have a safe and Happy New Years. Glug2
The transmitters for digital 18 & 24 are undergoing maintenance today and will be off the air during this time.
Last chance to watch UPN HD programming on WCGV 24-1 is tonight (8/31/06)  
The switch from 1080i to 720p happens Friday (9/01) for MyNetworkTV.
MyNetworkTV programming begins Monday (9/4) at 7pm. :wave:
Milwaukee HDTV Technical Issues / More Power RRR
Wednesday May 31, 2006, 11:48:31 am
The conversion process to full power operation is starting today (Wednesday 5/31). During the next few days and possibly through next week both 18-1 & 24-1 will be off the air (at times) so the work can be completed. Depending on the scope of the work this may or may not affect Primetime programming, my guess is that it probably will.

I will post when the conversion is done and everything is up & running.  :)
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / CW has a home in Milwaukee
Tuesday May 02, 2006, 02:02:30 pm
CW ADDS EIGHT SINCLAIR STATIONS TO LINEUP  Affiliations bring new network's station coverage to over 90%.

CW and Sinclair Broadcast Group announced today affiliation agreements for Sinclair's stations in Minneapolis, Baltimore, Raleigh, Nashville, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City and Las Vegas.

The addition of these eight Sinclair stations increases CW's national coverage to more than 90% of the country, including all of the top 40 markets.

The newly signed affiliates and their market ranks are:

    * KMWB Minneapolis (DMA No.15).
    * WNUV Baltimore (DMA No.24).
    * WLFL Raleigh-Durham (Fayetteville), N.C. (DMA No. 29).
    * WNAB Nashville (DMA No.30).
    * WVTV Milwaukee (DMA No.33).
    * WTTO &WDBB Birmingham-Tuscaloosa, Ala.;simulcast on WDBB (DMA No. 40).
    * KOCB OklahomaCity (DMA No. 45).
    * KFBT LasVegas (DMA No. 48).

All of these stations are currently WB affiliates, with the exception of KFBT, which is an independent. Sinclair operates WNUV and WDBB under a local marketing agreement. Sinclair provides sales and other non-programming related services for WNAB under an outsourcing agreement; the station is owned by Lambert Broadcasting.
Currently using Beyond TV 4 on a HTPC.  I would like to convert the tp files to other file types.  Anyone using something for this.....that they like?
Latest News / A third HD format for DVD emerges
Tuesday Mar 21, 2006, 07:51:33 am
A third HD format for DVD emerges

Mar 20, 2006 12:14 PM
Beyond The Headlines e-newsletter

While the Blu-ray and HD-DVD camps slug it out in a pre-launch propaganda war, a third technology for high-definition home video distribution emerged at the recent CeBIT show in Germany.

New Medium Enterprises (NME) is promoting a format called Versatile Multi-layer Disc (MVD) that stores up to 40GB per disc using the same low-cost red lasers found in standard DVD drives, Personal Computer World reported. The MVD player, priced at $150, dramatically undercuts the $499 price tag on the upcoming low-end Toshiba HD-DVD player and $1000 first-generation Blu-ray deck.

MVD uses multilayer recording and offers a choice of 20-, 30- and 40GB discs. The report said 100GB discs are on the horizon.

NME is U.S.-owned, but based in London, and is in the process of a merger with a company called E-World which owns the EVS standard. EVS is the only HD standard in China and is backed by the Chinese government. NME owns 1900 x 1080 resolution standard.

The report said NME is not trying to compete directly with the Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats. The company claims to have 2600 Indian titles, via a distributor called Eros, and about 300 Chinese film titles through E-World. It will initially focus on those markets.