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... and if it is, I will happily move to the right one. Anyway, we'll start with a brief intro.

I'm a long-time Time Warner Cable customer. Satellite isn't an option for us, and AT&T Uverse isn't offered in our neighborhood. I currently have the Whole House DVR option from TWC (Samsung DVR and Cisco remote box without storage), and while it works well enough, I've decided that in the near term, I want to "roll my own" DVR solution via hardware that I would purchase myself and use in conjunction with a CableCard rental. I've started researching the various options, and there seem to be quite a few choices: for tuners, there are the HDHomeRun Prime, Ceton InfiniTV 4 and Hauppauge WinTV DCR-2650. For software, there's Windows Media Center and a bunch of others (MythTV, XBMC, MediaPortal, etc.)

Now, the purpose of this thread isn't "tell me which option(s) I should go with", although ultimately, I have to decided this. What I want to find out is this: has anyone out there already done this, specifically with TWC in the greater Milwaukee area? Are there any special considerations with regard to getting the CableCard working properly? Do they require a service person visit, or can I do it myself? I should mention here that I'm fairly technical: I know how to set up and install hardware and software, I have mostly Windows computers at home, but I'm not adverse to installing Linux (or something else) if that's the best way to go.

So to reiterate, I am mainly looking for success (or failure) stories from other folks who have already done what I'm trying to do with Time Warner Cable, so I can make more informed decisions.

Thanks in advance!
I was channel surfing last night, and saw that TWC Milwaukee had added the above two channels. Did I miss an announcement???

A&E's programming was the movie "Forrest Gump", and appeared to be a stretched Full Screen version, so I immediately changed channels. HGTV was a home remodeling project, looked to be "real" HD.

I just checked Time Warner's site, and they've got them in their channel lineup, at 537 & 542.
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / Anyone have a HDHomeRun?
Tuesday Oct 31, 2006, 02:45:46 am
I read a review on a forum the other day - looks like a cool device. Here's a page with the specs and a link for ordering it:


For $169 for a dual ATSC/QAM tuner, that can stream HD to your computer, it looks pretty interesting.

And here's  a review I saw, on EngadgetHD:


Comments anyone?
Recording / Time Warner / SA 8000HD programming questions
Wednesday Aug 25, 2004, 09:22:05 am

I've run into a few problems with my new TW HD DVR, that I'm having a hard time figuring out. Maybe some of you have already found a solution or workaround to these issues.

There is an animation block on Cartoon Network (TWC 57) called "Adult Swim" on Sunday nights, and some of the shows in that block are only 15 minutes long. When you go to the program guide, it only displays show titles for the :00 and :30 boundaries, so it's difficult to select, or view information for, the shows that start at :15 or :45 past the hour. The program information will properly indicate the duration of the show as 15 minutes, however. The only way I've found to record one of these shows is to search for it by title or genre, and select and record from there.

There is another show, on WMLW (TWC 7) on Saturday mornings, called Stooge-a-Palooza, where they show old Three Stooges shorts. It's a 2 hour block containing 5 shorts and commentary between the shorts (as well as a bunch of commercials :)), and the program guide lists each short separately, on 24 minute boundaries. However, the same sort of problem exists as above; only 4 of the 5 shorts can be selected for the 2 hour block, unless I search in the guide by title and tag them there. (There is a separate issue in that the 24 minute boundaries don't always match the start/end times for each short, and in some cases they are split between two adjacent recordings. But that's another issue)

Now, I'm aware that I can do a manual recording, but when I try that, I can only start or end the recording on even hour boundaries. There doesn't seem to be any way to scroll through or enter minutes. Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance,
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / WMLW to join HDTV tier on TWC?
Wednesday Jul 07, 2004, 11:59:19 am
I was browsing around on http://www.timewarnerwi.com the other day, and I noticed the link named "Channel Lineup", which gives a filtered or unfiltered view of the available channels. If I choose an available lineup (i.e. Time Warner Cable - Milwaukee - Digital), and scroll through down to the 500's, they show WMLW as channel 507. I've tried this channel on my HD cable box, but it's not there (yet)

Can mHz40 or another Time Warner insider tell us if this channel is coming to the HDTV tier soon? If so, are they really going to have HD content?

And on a similar thread, does anyone know if TWC Southeastern WI is planning on adding the Good Life cable channel anytime soon? There are a few programs that only air on this channel that I'd like to be able to watch. I've visited their web site, and they imply that Time Warner carries their channel, but I suspect it's in some other part of the country.

Posted on //www.audioholics.com by clint on 2/23/2004

According to Time Warner Cable, a firmware bug was just discovered in the Scientific Atlanta 8000SD and 8000HD DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) which renders them unable to record. This firmware bug was discovered when the units attempted to recognize February 29th on the programming guide. The units are apparently unable to recognize this date, and as a result, shut down all record functions. All other aspects of the 8000 will continue to work. So far, it looks like no previously recorded material was lost.

Scientific Atlanta is apparently in "Emergency Session" working on a software patch. The problem began occuring on the 23rd when the 7-day program guide first began to encounter the February 29th programming.

*UPDATE: Apparently this evening will sport a forced firmware update to correct the problem. Manually rebooting the box after 7PM EST is also possible.


I found this article via Slashdot and thought people here would be interested.
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / HDTV set-top box that does QAM?
Wednesday Dec 03, 2003, 04:12:41 pm
Hi there,

As my signature states, I have Time-Warner cable, and I am currently renting the Pioneer 3510 box (which works fine). I was doing a web search recently on set-top decoders, and I notice that Samsung makes the SIR-T351, which is said to decode both OTA 8VSB as well as QAM (digital cable) signals. And all for a street price of $350-375. A couple of the web pages state the disclaimer about "unencrypted QAM only", which I understand. So, my question is, does anyone here have one of these puppies, and if so, are you using it with TWC? And if so, which channels does it work with? Does it also display the program guide? Have I asked enough questions yet?

Thanks in advance,
Just wondering if anyone out there has one of these Sony universal remote controls... Buy.com has them on sale, as their "price mistake of the day", for $109 for the next 24 hours, and that sounds like a good price.

Thanks in advance,