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Milwaukee HDTV Technical Issues / Does WTMJ Bug their HD?
Wednesday Jan 10, 2007, 03:00:41 pm
I hate bugs.  I especially hate them on HD, considering with HD you know what channel you are on.

Here in Madison, all of the stations think we are stupid and need to be told what channel we are tuned to by placing their damn bug on the screen.  The exception to this is Fox, sorta.  It is still bugged, but it is a single bug.  All the other stations not only have the network bug on the screen, they also have their station bug as well.  The NBC affiliate is even worse in that their bug is in the 4:3 safe area at the top right of the screen.  The CBS affiliate places theirs in the 16:9 area on the top right.  The ABC affiliate places theirs right above the ABC  HD bug.

The ABC and CBS programs I can do something about (and I won't explain here, other than it is legal).  The NBC affiliate I can't.

The thought is to attempt to receive the Milwaukee NBC affiliate.  But, I will only put up the necessary expensive antenna if WMTJ does not local bug network HD programming.  I might be able to get the Rockford NBC affiliate, since they do not bug network programming.  But a smallish hill might give me trouble.

So, does WTMJ local bug the NBC network programming?

There should be a law that bans bugs and sprites.  While we are at it, there should be a maximum commercial/promo content per hour law, say 10 min max, where the remaining 50 min must be program content.  17-18 min of promos and commercials per hour is horrible.