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Milwaukee HDTV Programming / WIWN 68, is it still on?
Friday Jul 18, 2014, 04:58:26 pm
I don't about you folks, but its been 2 weeks since I last saw WIWN-TV.  I am unable to receive them. Indications that maybe its off the air?  Can anyone relate?

-John L.
Franklin, WI.
to actually buy a new TV, first time in17 years.  Its not that the old analog TV is broke, I finally decide I am gonna replace it and its gonna end up being re-cycled while I enjoy my new 47" HDTV LED 1080p from HHGregg who will deliver it Friday and take away the old analog 19".

I've been on this board for a longtime and I feel I am the ONLY person left without any upgrading. I am sure EVERYONE else here has had a HDTV long before the local stations turned off their analog transmitters.

-John L.
Milwaukee HDTV Technical Issues / Is TWC Bad?
Saturday Dec 29, 2012, 04:08:16 pm
It appears from many of the posts that TWC is NOT the recommended cable service.   Seem to me most people on these forum have problems with TWC.  I've been happy with TWC also getting Phone, and RR.

-John L.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / Hey Jimboy of WVTV/WCGV
Sunday Sep 18, 2011, 10:27:13 pm
When will we see off-network and/or syndicated programs in HD?  

The only HD I see from WVTV and WCGV are strictly off live feed network, mainly 7-9 pm weeknights.  This would mean upgrading studio equipment to air such programming in HD.

-John L.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / WVCY-TV 30 is now 24/7
Sunday Jan 03, 2010, 03:04:14 pm
Looking through this week's TV Cue magazine, WVCY-TV ch. 30 has 24 hours of scheduled religious programming in this week's TV paper.

I predicted that eventually this would happen with the full switch over to DTV and their new transmitter.

-John L.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / Fox 6 Yankee vs Angels Game 2
Saturday Oct 17, 2009, 09:53:46 pm
I am getting the Game 2 broadcast of the Yankee - Angels Game via 6.1 in Standard Definition.  Is anyone else?

I noticed after 9:00pm, Fox 6 News at 9 is airing on 6.2.

-John L.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / Fox 6 to Replace Antenna
Monday Jun 22, 2009, 07:14:05 am
I noticed a scroll on the bottom of the screen during the Fox 6 9:00 Newscast mentioning that WITI-DT transmitter will be off  the air for 3 weeks to either move or replace the analog antenna on the top of the tower with the Digital antenna to transmit over ch. 33.

They are making sure the job gets done before the Green Bay Packer football season starts.

However WITI Fox 6 will continue airing over cable and satellite.

Maybe they can make arrangements with Weigel Broadcasting to carry WITI on 49.2 during the downtime?

-John L.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / WTMJ-TV Off the Air
Friday Jun 19, 2009, 08:08:56 am
Noticed since 1:00am and still no sign of WTMJ-TV ch. 4-1, 4-2, and 4-3 as of 5:40am.

Hope its nothing too serious.

I recall WVTV-DT's antenna got damaged a couple years ago and they were off the air for a whole month.

-John L.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / Fox 6 adds Sub-Channel 6.2
Tuesday Jun 16, 2009, 03:15:29 pm
Fox 6 is now showing their Doppler 6000 Weather Radar 24/7 on 6-2.

-John L.:)
I know this message is going to IRK the readers here.

I found out that Channel 4 plans to add another sub-channel 4.3.

Though they did not announce what it is that they will be broadcasting.

My guess is NBC Sports the samething found on 5.3 out of Chicago.

-John L.:)
Latest News / RE-SCAN DTV Receiver & Converters at 9:00AM
Thursday Jun 11, 2009, 10:49:48 pm
This is basically for the sake of receiving WVTV, CW18.   Rescanning of Digital TV receivers and DTV Converter Boxes will be necessary after 9:00 am Friday in order to continue receiving WVTV, ch. 18 (CW18).

Reasoning is because they will be leaving ch. 61 and moving to ch. 18.

-John L.
I am assuming that at 11:59pm Tuesday, March 3  WVTV, ch. 18 and WCGV-TV, ch. 24 will probably be shutting down their analog transmitters for good. This will be the end of the Nightlight Service that they offered for 2 weeks.

This identical video that they aired will probably air repeatedly for a solid 30 days on analog WTMJ-TV, ch. 4 and WITI-TV, ch. 6 starting June 13th until July 12th. Unfortunately WISN-TV ch. 12 will have to go off the air immediately so that WBBM-DT can take over ch. 12 right away.

-John L.
I see TV stations sending scrolls at times reminding people about the DTV Conversion.  Could they just limit that to air only over their analog transmitter and NOT the DTV transmissions?  :bang:

Because I am sick and tired seeing it.  They shouldn't have to air that over their DTV signal because if people are watching off their DTV signal, that means they are upgraded already or are accessing their DTV signal!:mad:

-John L.
Muskego, WI.
Latest News / Currently All TV Analog Must Cease 2/17
Tuesday Feb 10, 2009, 12:51:13 pm
As it stands while we speak or write in the forums, by law all Analog TV stations must cease analog operations after next week Tuesday. That also includes channels 4, 6, 10 and 12.

-John L.
Ever since MPTV, ch. 10 and 36 made changes to their DTV broadcasts, I no longer see channels 10.2 thru 10.8. Ch. 36 HD changed and added sub-channels while ch. 10 supoosedly dropped sub-channels and added HD.  But people today still tell me they get sub-channels on ch. 10, Tim Cuprisin shows both channels 10 and 36 with sub-channels.

My DTV converter box used to show sub-channels for ch. 10 and HDTV on ch. 36 until last September that switched around, channel 10 is now HD while 36 gets all the sub-channels.  I assume that is what it is today. But some people are telling me they still get sub-channels on 10 and some are saying both 10 and 36.

So whats truly the case, is my converter box defective that I ain't getting sub-channels on 10, but now only on 36?
-John L.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / WMLW-CA to Move to Ch. 24
Wednesday Feb 04, 2009, 09:01:03 am
The Low Power analog, WMLW-CA has an application to move their analog service from channel 41 to channel 24.

-John L.
Is WPXE-DT installing HD equipment in time to go Hi-Def by Feb 17th?

I heard many ION TV stations who are only broadcasting in SD right now are going to change over to HD and offer TV shows in HD.

-John L.
Stations like WTMJ-TV, ch. 4 and WITI-TV, ch 6, but NOT WISN-TV, ch. 12 may be able to keep their analog transmitters on until March 17th. Between February 17 until March 17th they could stay on and broadcast only DTV Information and any possible Emergencies should such a emergency arise.

Congress just passed a law allowing some TV stations to do that. Those who cannot, like ch. 12 is because WBBM-DT is taking over ch. 12's frequency on Feb 17th.

-John L.
Milwaukee HDTV Technical Issues / Wmlw-tv? Not!
Monday Nov 03, 2008, 03:25:06 pm
I tuned in and was watching 41-1 thinking at first it is WMLW-DT from their Low Power DTV transmitter.  It turned out to display as WOTV, and then it had a 41-2 WXPS which to me are in Battle Creek, Michigan which is directly across the lake.

Very Interesting, but no sign of WMLW-DT, they still on?

-John L.
Muskego, WI.
I have this Radio Shack Analog TV receiver that I bought about 4 years ago. Its also analog tunning so you can't tell exactly what channel number you are on unless the TV station you pick up ID's itself as.

After February 17th, this thing will be nothing but a paper weight. However, I am thinking of selling it on eBay directing the sale of this item to Canada and Mexico as they won't be converting to digital until 2012 or 2013. I will offer it for sale to a U.S. buyer, but I will be honest and mention that after Feb 17th it will not work.  This thing has no input other than an antenna rod.  The thing is in great shape and works like new. Never dropped it. I'm thinking of selling it between $50-$75 as I originally bought it for $120 at Radio Shack 4-5 years ago. I suppose there could be someone, even in the U.S. that might have other applications for this item. All I know is that it will be useless around here after Feb 17th.  Well except of course maybe LPTV stations like WMLW-CA might still be receivable.