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Title: Finally Switched to DirecTV
Post by: hormy_83 on Friday Aug 26, 2011, 08:57:57 am
I have finally decided to leave TWC and switch over to DirecTV.  I've always had cable and internet with TWC, and not too long ago switched my phone over to them.  However they then continued to raise my price every few months, and the last two times when calling customer retention they wouldn't budge.

So for the first year I'll be saving around $75 / month over TWC, and once that first year is over I'll still be $20 less than TWC.

I have a few equipment questions.  The install isn't set until next Friday - but do they have different models of HD DVR equipment?  What are the differences?  Should I hope for one over the other?  Do they all have antenna inputs that will allow me to pull OTA channels through the receiver if I choose?

Also I have our main HDTV in the living room, then in my bedroom I have an older EDTV - so I was thinking I would get an HD box for that TV so I could watch some HD content on it.  But they stated if I get a 2nd HD box then I would be able to pull the recorded content off the main DVR, so they would have to charge me $10/month for whole home DVR.

I didn't think it was worth it since that TV only gets used when the Brewer games go into extra innings or they are playing out West and we turn the TV on while we lay in bed.  But does anyone know if I'm able to pick up a used HD box for that TV?  If so would I be able to watch HD content - and if so would it also be able to pull the recorded shows off the DVR?
Title: Finally Switched to DirecTV
Post by: kevbeck122 on Friday Aug 26, 2011, 10:18:38 am
There are 5 DVRs: HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, and HR24
6 HD Receivers: H20, H21, H22, H23, H24, and H25
The only current SD receiver is the D12 I believe.

You'll get whatever receivers the installer has on his truck, and there's no way to choose which one's you'll get (unless you order from a site like, which would cost more up front).  The HR24, H24 and H25 are the fastest receivers.  HR22 DVRs and up have a higher capacity hard drive (500GB).  The HR20 and H20 are the only receivers with built in OTA tuners.  There is a $50 external OTA tuner that you can buy through DIRECTV for the other receivers (model AM21N).

Whole home DVR should only be a $3 per month extra in addition to the $7 DVR fee.  It's an optional feature, so you don't have to order it if you get two receivers.  You can't buy a used receiver and avoid that fee.  Used receivers are $100+ on ebay, and you have to be careful with those because most DIRECTV receivers are leased.  There is also a $20 fee to get a new access card if you buy a used receiver.
Title: Finally Switched to DirecTV
Post by: hormy_83 on Wednesday Aug 31, 2011, 06:42:24 am
Thanks for that info!  I'll see what box I get...  I will give them a call maybe tonight and ask again about the whole home, because for an extra $3 / month that would be worth it.