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Title: ATI All-in-Wonder
Post by: mcq on Monday Dec 13, 2004, 08:16:05 am
Anybody have luck with this card? I bought it assuming that it would be able to replace my orphaned HiDTV....

After a week I ripped ou the ATI and replaced it with the old reliable... been using it successfully since September, and ATI collecting dust :(
Title: ATI HDTV Wonder??
Post by: Greg Oman on Monday Dec 27, 2004, 02:21:18 pm
Which ATI do you mean specifically?  The All-In-Wonder series only tune/record NTSC.  I do have the ATI HDTV Wonder, that is not perfect, but I'm making reasonable HD recordings with it.

My bigger problem (aka- current challenge) is to play the recordings back wirelessly to my 55" Mits, 26" Samsung, and now 17" Sharp LCD.... simultaneously.  ATI seems to imbed or use some kind of proprietary codec or something, but I'm thinking that the Roku HD 1000 may solve all of my issues.... (well, they say that 802.11g is "not supported" and .11b isn't enough bandwidth to do HD, but One step at a time...)

Almost there.....

Greg O.
Title: ATI All-in-Wonder
Post by: picopir8 on Thursday Dec 30, 2004, 12:31:41 pm
I thought I remember reading that the HDTV wonder requires an ATI video card in order to work, is this true?  If so, perhaps the original posters problems stem from not having an ATI card.

On a side, note, I nearly picked up a HDTV wonder a few days ago to get the ability to pause live TV.  This thread got me surfing and I just discovered that beta software for the HD card that I presently use (MyHD-120) was released last month which adds the ability to pause and rewind live tv.  Luckily there are only a 3 other people in the office today so I may sneak home early to try the new software.

So for anyone who is looking for pause functionality, there is now another option on the table.
Title: ATI All-in-Wonder
Post by: Greg Oman on Thursday Jan 06, 2005, 12:58:06 pm
Yes, I believe that you are correct, mostly.  I needed a primary video card anyway, so I upgraded to the 9600XT Pro made by Sapphire I think-- It was about $40 less than the ATI card, and uses the same drivers (I get them right from ATI).  Cost was about $110 for the 256mb model.  This was after reading the long thread(s) on the AVS Forum that seemed to have many people having problems mixing non-ATI products.  I just thought avoiding that may be a better use of my time (and I'm an IT guy).

The output to the TV is via the graphic card, so I take the DVI output and I bought the component dongle for $30 versus buying a DVI cable that would mate the two (huh-- they're different?) DVI connectors on my 9600XT and my Samsung TV.

I've played a little with the card, mostly just recording shows, not using some of the Tivo like features.  I'm focusing on distrubuting the recorded content to multiple TV's simultaneously, and am in the last leg of that-- doing it wirelessly.  I currently can do it wired, just pushing the limits a little :cool:

Greg O.