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Milwaukee HDTV Programming / Time Warner Ch 1222 CINHD
Friday Jan 03, 2014, 08:42:59 PM
With my cable card/Tuning Adapter in my Tivo, I currently have the Variety Pass.  Seems like I have most of your basic channels, all ESPN, MLB Network, NFL (not red zone), Discovery, Hallmark, Travel, ID Discovery, HUB, basically all your standard channels.  

Does anyone by chance know what package CINHD Ch 1222 belongs to, and how much it may be?

I know I could call but I would rather have knowledge prior to that.
I just picked up my DTA today, haven't hooked it up yet.  Does anyone know where the link is showing these are free until 2015?  I'm being charged $0.99 as of now.
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / need a new wireless router
Tuesday Oct 29, 2013, 05:19:23 PM
Thank you for your reply.  

Yes coverage and range are the issues I am having.  My house is about 1400 sq feet.  Built in the 50s, so it has plaster walls instead of drywall, which I'm thinking may be part of the issue.  I have tried moving it around a few different places, seems to not be that great in some areas.  

I just learned the difference between Wireless G and wireless N today.  

I think I'm going to try that wireless Buffalo one from that link you provided.  

Thanks for your help
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / need a new wireless router
Monday Oct 28, 2013, 09:00:37 PM
I currently have a Netgear Wireless G WGR614 V9, four years old, am having trouble obtaining a signal in my house that once wasn't as big an issue.  

What am I looking for in getting a new router.  I believe this is an old 2.4gb, do I go for 5 gb? Dual Band?
Milwaukee HDTV Technical Issues / Quick question on UHF /VHF
Sunday Sep 01, 2013, 06:47:15 PM
I know you said you don't watch much of Channel 10, but given the information above about how all but channel 10 is UHF, FYI, channel 36.2 is the same as 10.1 which is of course UHF, so you probably could go with a UHF antenna only.  

I have a random question for you about your garage antenna.  I myself have an attached garage and want to put an antenna that I have (a small one I got from mono price) but have no idea on where to begin in feeding a coax from the garage into my breezeway and to my basement (a really old coax cable is already fed there).  I suppose start with getting a really big drill bit?)
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / TWC Cable Card
Saturday Aug 03, 2013, 04:44:41 PM
Thank you for the answers.  

Yea it was $240.00 for Direct TV cancellation.

To Jack, the reason I'm switching back to TWC is for a few reasons.  You are right that the Direct TV boxes are better but I don't like the long 2 year contract (which they seem to start over if you ever upgrade equipment or add something, for example if I wanted a wireless card for my box that would have extended the contract).  

The signal was great at the beginning, even in really hard rain but gradually became worse (wonder if they somehow boost your signal at the beginning then change it more to normal).  For example Friday morning it rained for a little bit, but wasn't that hard and I lost signal.

My whole house has a TWC connection everywhere from all bedrooms to kitchen, to living room, basement.

I think having two Tivos with lifetime service makes the cable card/Tuning Adapter a better deal in the long run.  

Probably lastly NFL network was brought to TWC a month after I got Direct TV.  I loved Sunday Ticket but I'm not paying for it a second year.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / TWC Cable Card
Thursday Jul 25, 2013, 07:30:23 AM
Hello all,

I think I'll be going back to TWC from Direct TV even before my contract.  

Questions (for Loadstar) and anyone else.  Does TWC still support the multi stream cable card and Tuning Adapter for Tivo?  Is the Tuning Adapter still free?  How much does the cable card cost monthly?

Does TWC still support basic analog cable (I think that's what it's called, where all you need is a coax connected to your TV and you get something like channel 2-78)?  

Also for Direct TV, I need to find my contract to know for sure, but does anyone know the termination fee for canceling early.  I am 1 year into a 2 year contract.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / NFL Network coming to TW
Friday Sep 21, 2012, 06:25:04 PM
It is about time.

Does anyone know details.  Will the NFL network and Red Zone be placed on a basic tier or are they on a sport tier
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / RCA Dish
Saturday Aug 11, 2012, 03:32:15 PM
Well that becomes a different topic regarding what satellite TV should and should not be.  Ponies, you are certainly entitled to your opinion.  I glanced at that link you sent and that seems cool.  I am just trying to see the alternatives to having cable, and either Dish companies are peeking my interest.  You could make the same argument regarding cable, why pay for TV where you have the content providers (the stations) that the cable company (middle man) sends to you through there equipment.  I think that cable (dish, Uverse, Etc) should be al la carte where you can choose what you want and not pay for everything else.    

Bottom line I'm just trying to figure out how it works because it seems cheaper than Cable TV (and from what I know Direct TV/Dish seem better than Uverse).  

As for you Nels Harvey, I completely understand your perspective.  I can't stand how sales execs evaluate that kind of thing.  I almost got let go once from a company because I did not produce enough sales leads.  

Thank you for the information.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / RCA Dish
Saturday Aug 11, 2012, 12:59:00 PM
Also forgot to ask this potentially stupid question, if you are having an issue such as not receiving a signal and its a nice sunny day outside, is there a number to call to have a technician to come over and check it out?
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / RCA Dish
Saturday Aug 11, 2012, 12:52:26 PM
Thank you for the information.  I have attached a picture.  That was the best I could do without going up on a ladder.  As you can probably see it says RCA very faded on it.  

I haven't really looked into DISH.  While I think TWC has great internet, if I get pay TV I don't want to fight with them about the cable cards and having to reset the tuning adaptor.  I am leaning toward Direct TV because for new customers, no extra charge for NFL Sunday Ticket.  The prices do seem very competitive.  Even with Direct TV Choice Package it seems cheaper than paying $2.00 for the cable card with Tivo.

Per a previous post of mine I was going to crazily try and get Chicago OTA for the Bears Market as well, but I think having a Dish is just an easier option.  

Regarding local channels, does that cost extra?  I see no reason for Dish/Direct TV to provide them for me because I would have my antenna as a back up to begin with.
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / RCA Dish
Saturday Aug 11, 2012, 08:17:54 AM
I have an RCA dish on my house. It appears that the house is wired for it and the only thing missing are activated DVR boxes for it.  Does anyone know if this was Dish or Direct TV?

I have been thinking of getting Direct TV to go with my Tivo/antenna set up.  I was looking at Direct TV's Choice Package and keeping my TWC Road Runner.  Does anyone have Direct TV and is happy/unhappy?  Are there any hidden costs or start up fees?  Based on the price after the rebate and signing up for autopay, it seems to be cheaper than when I had TWC with my cable cards and tuning adaptor.
Milwaukee HDTV Technical Issues / Rooftop Antenna
Monday Jul 02, 2012, 06:03:48 PM
Sorry to Resurrect this older thread, but I have noticed that some channels still aren't the most consistent in signal with my indoor rabbit ears.  I have noticed that in hot weather the reception is worst (we have yet to see about winter).

However I think I'm going to get someone over here to replace or repair my current set up.

Someone on an earlier response said that if I go with getting the roof antenna hooked up that I should get one with a rotators to pick up other cities.  What other cities, Madison, Chicago?  Is that even possible?
Milwaukee HDTV Programming / Local HD through Basic Cable
Sunday May 20, 2012, 07:44:12 AM
I remember asking this once but cannot recall the term.  If someone upgraded to an HDTV but only had basic cable (no box, no cable card) (simple coax connected to back of TV), what is it called where you get 4-1, 6-1, etc in HD, but it is not over the air, it is from the cable company?

Is there anything after buying the TV that they need to do to receive this, just run a channel scan?
Milwaukee HDTV Technical Issues / Rooftop Antenna
Saturday Apr 28, 2012, 08:18:30 AM
And given the rain right where I am now, the signal is still very strong.  Did a signal meter check.  The lowest signals on the Tivo box was Ch 4, 6, and 12 in the mid to high 70s (green still).  Ch 10 was only in the 50s, but 36 was in the 90s as was every other signal.  I don't understand that how CBS was consistently the worst in Tosa but is great here, but NFL football and all my favorites are there so no complaint.