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Quote from: techguy1975 on Wednesday Sep 04, 2019, 10:40:24 PMAnyone know who is moving where?
I was looking for a repack chart showing new & current RF channels, and found it at
Milwaukee is market #41 on their list.

Seems to me, the new channels showing up as "0" will be virtual subchannels on one of the listed new RF channels.  I know that list is out there somewhere. 

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On/Off Topic Chit-Chat / Re: I need a new water softener
Wednesday Jan 03, 2018, 05:12:43 PM
I bought one online in 2003 that's still going.  GE/Osmonics head with 1" in/out.  I would look for ...

-Metered, and sized accurately so you have the right amount of resin, and cycle often enough but not excessively. 
-Separate brine & resin tanks.   I like to empty & clean the salt tank without taking the softener out of service. 
-Separate tanks, so it's also relatively simple to replace the resin, and the control head is less exposed to salt corrosion. 
-Solar salt rather than mined pellets, to reduce caking. 
-Salt platform, to prevent bridging

I've seen newer heads that have these features I would like:
1.  A "recharge tonight" button.  I can set mine manually, but not time-delayed.
2.  An indicator showing me how many days since last regeneration, how many gallons metered since then, etc.  I can get some of this from my head's diagnostics, but it requires moving jumper pins and pressing buttons.
You're right, the advantages have now all accrued to Spectrum. Will anyone be shocked to see management bonuses & share prices increase?

Unregulated duopoly math says, "Throttle less, raise the rack rate by $20 a month, bundle the modem again, and tell people they're getting a better deal.  Most of them won't figure it out, and the ones that do, well, good luck finding a competitive provider. " 

Milwaukee HDTV Programming / Re: Changes Coming..
Saturday Apr 15, 2017, 10:59:21 AM
Quote from: duncantuna on Friday Apr 14, 2017, 10:41:12 AM
Found this interesting from the link above ..
all but one station in Milwaukee will change channels.[/i]

Context is important; based on the FCC enumeration, I read it as ... all but one of the four listed will change channels.  Meaning, other stations aren't changing channel frequencies, although they could certainly change virtual channel numbers.  Let me know if I'm missing something, though.

Wasn't there some discussion about VHF not handling ATSC as well as UHF?  I thought that was why they changed subchannel assignments a few years back on 10 & 36. 

We've backtracked a long way since I walked into Flanner's years ago and saw Channel 10 (8 VHF) in its full bitrate glory, before NTSC was shut off.   This site should probably be called "" ;)

I'm glad that ghosting and snow are gone, but the TV biz has changed so much since ATSC was rolled out, I'll be surprised if more than a handful can sustain for another decade. 

Are they going to pocket most of this cash and let the stations die a slow death?   

I'm thinking a lot of past members will look at the money MPTV is getting and say, "Looks like they won't be needing my donations any more!" 
On/Off Topic Chit-Chat / RDS CT on Milwaukee FM radio
Sunday Oct 02, 2016, 02:55:30 PM
I got a new car stereo for my old car.  It's a Kenwood and offers HD and analog reception of FM.  

However the "Time Sync" function has not "synced" yet to automatically set the clock.  Supposedly this looks at the RDS CT field and sets the clock based on what it sees there.  I can't find any specifics about whether any Milwaukee stations using RDS are filling the CT field.  Or, whether local HD Radio broadcasters are providing the digital equivalent.  

If you can shed some light on this, please post.  Thanks.
Quote from: Tivoman44;60291ArgMeMatey, have you tried moving your antenna to your roof?  Being in Shorewood/Milwaukee east side you should have near perfect reception all the time.  You said you have a new roof, unless it's a metal roof, that should be good enough.  Possibly though you have a very old coax cable that is being fed from your Antenna to TV, that has splits in it.  Maybe the antenna on the roof plus a new RG6 coax cable would solve it.  Possibly a preamp.  You wouldn't need an amp that close.  

I grew up in Shorewood and remember how horrible Ch 4, 6, 10 and 12 were with TWC because the OTA signal interefered w/ the cable signal and caused ghosting and lines across the screen.

No, I haven't moved it, because I haven't had a single dropout since the new roof was installed.   The real test would be a heavy rainstorm with the trees fully leafed (leaved?), but rain has been scarce this summer.  I'll have to go a full year or two before saying I don't need to put it outside.  

My roof is 1x8 spaced decking with 7/16 OSB, synthetic underlayment, moisture barrier on the lowest 6' (so the antenna is "behind" that since it's only 2' off the attic floor), and GAF asphalt shingles as well.  

My coax is relatively new 2200 MHz sweep-tested RG6. Nothing special, just pre-terminated cable I got at a big box.  I have an old Electroline amp and split the signal 3 ways.

I had similar interference in Mpls. when I maintained MATV there.  It takes constant maintenance to keep OTA signal ingress low enough on the distribution system.
Quote from: MrProster; the attic , I installed an 8 bay antenna on a rotor ...
I envy you and your attic.  I can barely turn around where I have my antenna, let alone put up an 8-bay.

On the plus side, my reception from the attic has improved. Maybe because there's only one layer of shingles now.  I used to have dropouts when cars went by, and it was worse when it was raining and the trees were leafed out.  So I have not moved the antenna to the roof as planned.
Quote from: Bebop;60284Finally got a email replay from them. They are not ready for site survey or decided on what the upload speed will be. There is no time frame for either.
So they can't provide service now?  I reread the article ... it seems "could be" and "as early as" are the operative phrases!

Reading between the lines, the service could be available to residents of buildings that already have service "as early as next week."  For everyone else, some time between later and never.  :)

"The services could be available in select areas of metro Milwaukee as early as next week, according to Ethoplex."
Latest News / Signal ISP Wireless - anybody got tech details?
Wednesday Jun 08, 2016, 08:34:54 AM
Quote from: LoadStar;60270my condo association would have a bit of an issue with that being installed onto the roof.
The press photo posted above is from an apartment building roof, and is not necessarily what would be installed on a subscriber's dwelling.  

But any reasonable broadband antenna would be covered by FCC rules that pre-empt local laws and association rules.  In your case, whether that's applicable would depend on who "controls" your roof.  That would probably be determined by your contract.
Latest News / Signal ISP Wireless - anybody got tech details?
Wednesday Jun 01, 2016, 07:17:07 PM
Quote from: duncantuna;60264Whoa .. that looks pretty awesome.  I can't find any more details, but there's a larger discussion here:

Thanks for that link.  One user posted a ping of 3 on Ethoplex compared to 18 on Charter. I'm guessing the unit is ms, but it doesn't actually say that.

Someone else said no installation fee.  So, $50 per month, $2.80 per month tax (at 5.6%).  

I am skeptical that they can scale well in terms of consistent throughput, compared to copper VDSL or HFC DOCSIS, but I'll wait to see what others find.  I can only guess that at that price point, they'll attract plenty of people who will be eager to measure 100 Mbps at full rate, and will let us know if they're disappointed.  

Any idea if there would be a minimum spacing from a terrestrial TV receiving antenna?  I would prefer to use the existing mast on my house rather than put more holes in the roof.
Latest News / Signal ISP Wireless - anybody got tech details?
Wednesday Jun 01, 2016, 07:28:36 AM
100 Mbps for $50, presumably plus tax, in the Milwaukee area, from Ethoplex (Germantown) aka Signal ISP.  

Do they charge installation or deposit, radio rental?  

I'm interested in exactly what they are installing for residential customers, as well as the tower locations to determine azimuth.

Please post if you have any technical details on the radios, electrical power, and transmission medium from the radio to my router.

The FAQs are definitely consumer grade ... :)
On/Off Topic Chit-Chat / Time Warner - Modem needed for Extreme
Thursday Mar 31, 2016, 01:30:44 PM
Got the Zoom 5370. activatemymodem did not work.  Had to call by phone, and they took care of it relatively quickly.  Now at 35/5, 12 channels down and 4 channels up.
On/Off Topic Chit-Chat / Time Warner - Modem needed for Extreme
Wednesday Mar 23, 2016, 04:26:04 PM
Quote from: duncantuna;60232I'd stick with the DPC2100r2 and do some testing.   If you're hitting 30+ then you have no need to upgrade.  
Just got my bill, and it appears that the upgrade was applied at the beginning of March.  I checked the modem log, and it appears it was rebooted via SNMP at the same time.  That surprised me, because on the phone call on the 1st, I was told in no uncertain terms that the change would be applied on the 24th.  

So, today I checked speeds with speedtest.  I connected the computer directly via Ethernet to the cable modem, with no router.  

23.4 Mbps Down
 2.3 Mbps Up

(For some unknown reason I was unable to attach either a .png or .jpg screenshot.)

The speeds are definitely above Standard, but not full-rate Extreme.  

I will re-test, but assuming similar results, it looks like I will have to buy a new modem to get to 30 Mbps down.  

I would really like to know what's going on with the Charter - Time Warner deal and leased v. customer modems before I buy a new DOCSIS 3.0 modem.  Better yet, I'd like to delay buying a new modem until DOCSIS 3.1 is here.  Any prognostication?
On/Off Topic Chit-Chat / Does anyone have a metal roof ?
Wednesday Mar 23, 2016, 08:35:22 AM
Quote from: Ralph Kramden;60236How does the cost compare to a fiberglass shingle roof?

I got a quote a few years ago for metal shingles.  I think it was over $40,000.  I just had the job done with GAF asphalt for about half that.  Post back if you want more details as I could look it up later.
Quote from: kevbeck122;60234I've been running an SB6141 for over 3 years on the 50Mbps service (get 60+ usually)... still working fine.  If I were to upgrade, I'd just go with the SB6183.

Thanks.  It would be great to have some idea whether Time Warner in Milwaukee even uses DOCSIS 3.1 - OFDM yet, as opposed to just channel bonding.  If I knew that the CMTS would set up a better connection with the SB6183 than with my old DPC2100, I'd upgrade.  ("Better" meaning, lower latency, higher bandwidth at peak hours.)